The Golden Hammer endorses Andy Dubois for The Woodlands Township Position 7

Andy Dubois.

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer, and Eric Yollick, Former Publisher, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses Andy Dubois for the Woodlands Township Board of Directors Position 7. We got to this point after careful consideration of the fact that there are at least two very high-quality candidates who are running for that position.

Andy Dubois was the Editor of the Courier blog for many years. He also served as an Executive Editor for Houston Community Newspapers and oversaw approximately two dozen publications for them for several years. Dubois has an extensive knowledge of how our community works. He also has strong relationships with the Montgomery County Government for whom he works and with other local government leaders and entities.

There is no question that Dubois works for Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack as a Manager for Special Projects. Individuals have raised concerns that that relationship gives rise to certain conflicts of interest and may impose difficulties in Dubois’ service on the board. Noack has been a conservative leader on the Commissioners Court and has consistently fought for ethics in local government. That’s the kind of “conflict of interest” which is good.

What’s important to recognize is that Dubois has a very different perspective with respect to some of the biggest issues that face Woodlands residents at the current time. He has made it clear that he believes taxes are too high and that property taxes must come down. Dubois has said that he supports a homestead exemption with respect to property taxes in The Woodlands.

Dubois has a very different perspective from the current Board majority with respect to the question of incorporation of The Woodlands. The process of incorporation is presently going through a study by hired consulting firms who are supposedly providing objective data for the citizens of the Woodlands to evaluate before a vote that will likely occur in November 2020. Unfortunately, government is well known for manipulating data to make it look the way that it wants the people to see it.

Dubois has the intelligence, wit, background, and access to information which will be enormously beneficial to the citizens of the Woodlands as the data becomes public for citizens to consider when they go to vote on whether or not The Woodlands should become a city. In short, Dubois’ independence from the current Board majority is a real plus.

Dubois’ main opponent, Bob Milner, is a good guy. That’s not the issue. The issue with Milner is that he works very closely with a group of political leaders who have made clear that they support incorporation and are hoping that the data will support their position. The Woodlands residents need an independent evaluation by careful eyes in order to make sure that the data is both fairly presented and complete. Andy Dubois will provide that analysis, objectivity, and independence from the rest of the board, if he is elected to the Woodlands Township. We suggest you vote for Andy Dubois in the Woodlands Township Position 7 electoral contest on November 5.



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