The Golden Hammer endorses Senator Creighton for re-election, stays neutral in Precinct 1 County Commissioner race

State Senator Brandon Creighton.

Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, endorses State Senator Brandon Creighton, Republican of Conroe, for re-election to the Texas Senate, representing Senatorial District 4. Creighton is easily Montgomery County’s smartest political leader and a rising star in the Republican Party.

During the 86th Texas Legislative Session in 2019, Creighton was one of the most productive members of both the Senate and the House of Representatives. Creighton was instrumental in the passage of statewide property tax reform in Senate Bills 2 and 3. He worked closely with popular Senator Paul Bettancourt, Republican of Houston, from beginning to end in that process.

Creighton was the primary author of major legislation enabling Texas to bring federal tax dollars back to the state for emergency management circumstances.

Although the legislation eventually died in the Texas House of Representatives, Creighton obtained fairly easy passage in the State Senate of a bill which would have protected historical Texas statues and monuments.

Creighton worked closely with State Representative Steve Toth, also a Republican from Conroe, of the JD Lambright Local Government Reform Act, which allowed for the establishment of the Montgomery County government’s Ethics Commission and which provided for full disclosure of all taxpayer-funded lobbying arrangements involving local government tax dollars.

Creighton is one of the most highly-respected legislators in Austin. Even when others disagree with him, they still seem to like him, because his demeanor is so respectful towards everyone.

Citizens in Senatorial District 4 get great representation from Senator Creighton, and they should continue his work for them by rewarding him with an additional 4-year term.

Neutrality in Precinct 1 County Commissioner race

Precinct 1 Commissioner candidate Robert Walker (right) with his first cousin Commissioner Mike Meador (center) and Janie Meador (left).

The Golden Hammer wishes we could endorse Robert Walker, the Republican Nominee for Precinct 1 Montgomery County Commissioner. Walker is a nice person. He runs a great feed store. He’s always polite.

Walker, however, has two major issues. The first is that he has refused to commit on one single issue in the entirety of his campaign for County Commissioner. He claims he’s “conservative” but has vowed to continue the work of his first cousin, Mike Meador, easily the most liberal pro-Big Government member of the Commissioners Court.

Additionally, Walker is the first cousin and handpicked successor of Meador. Meador’s record on fiscal issues during his 28 years as a County Commissioner has been horrible. Meador’s endorsement of his cousin raises serious doubts about whether Walker has the heart to bring any of the much-needed reform to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, known throughout Texas as the overseer of one of the most corrupt County governments of all of Texas’ 254 counties.

In bizarre contrast, Walker’s Democrat opponent claims that he support “reducing government spending” in the County government. He’s running as a Democrat, however, so it’s impossible to trust him on such vitally important matters.

Flip a coin. Spin the roulette wheel (and hope it doesn’t land on 0 or 00). Voters in Commissioners Precinct 1 don’t have a very good choice and certainly not one worthy of an endorsement by Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper.



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