The Golden Hammer Declares Saturday, February 4, “Tribute to Law Enforcement Day”

The Woodlands, February 4 – The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading newspaper, declared Saturday, February 4, “Tribute to Law Enforcement Day.” Publisher Eric Yollick explained, “Throughout the day, we’ll publish stories that show what a fantastic job our law enforcement community does for us to keep our families, our homes, our property, and all of us safe. We need to remember that our peace officers and their families risk their lives, their health, and their safety every moment of every day to protect us. When you or I go to our jobs, we enjoy peace and comfort. When our law enforcement officers go their their jobs, they face great perils, so that we can enjoy that peace.”

The Golden Hammer invites our readers and members of the law enforcement community to contact us with stories about law enforcement in order to make this important Tribute a very special day. We don’t want just to thank the leaders of law enforcement departments but also we wish to remember the great sacrifices all of the line officers, support staff, and middle level managers within law enforcement make to serve us.

Please contact us by email at or, by telephone at 832.496.4898, or on our tipline.




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