The Golden Hammer asks: Who is your favorite American President and why?

The Golden Hammer asks: Who is your favorite American President and why?

Image: An animatronic Donald Trump speaks at Disney World’s Hall of Presidents in Orlando, Florida. Disney World currently plans to add an animatronic forty-sixth President Joe Biden to his forty-five predecessors.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Washington, D.C., February 15 – The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, asked a question to numerous illustrious citizens: “Who is your favorite American President and why?”

The responses will amaze you. They’re in regular font with the person’s name in bold. Happy Presidents Day!

Matthew Beasley, Justice of the Peace, Precinct 3: George Washington. George Washington was a true patriot and will likely always be considered the best POTUS. As a founding father, General, President and Brother Mason, he embodies the best of American ideals, faith, freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Jon Bouche, Christian Conservative activist and Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member: Reagan, because I believe that he was the greatest communicator that has ever stepped foot in the Oval Office.

He distilled complex issues down into impactful sound bites and delivered them masterfully.

Ashley Burke, President of We The Parents and conservative political activist: Without a doubt Calvin Coolidge is my favorite President. First, the man was born on Independence Day. Can’t get much more ‘Merica than that 🇺🇸. He was also just an all around cool guy! In the mid-1920s, the state of Mississippi gifted him a raccoon to cook for the White House Thanksgiving Dinner. Instead of pardoning a turkey that year, he pardoned the raccoon. His wife, Grace, and he named her Rebecca and gave her free rein of the entire White House. Rebecca’s favorite thing to do was swim in the President’s bathtub. Coolidge had a very hands off approach in his presidency, as he was a true small government guy. He not only significantly cut taxes during his presidency, but he also managed to cut a quarter of the national debt despite his drastic tax cuts! Industry flourished due to his hands off approach and the country entered the Roaring 20’s. Under his administration, Native Americans became US citizens. At the same time, he regulated immigration by signing the 1924 Immigration Act. I believe he was the most “Libertarian” President we’ve ever seen. Just as his campaign slogan read, America seemed to “Keep Cool with Coolidge.”

First Lady Grace Coolidge with Rebecca the Presidential Raccoon.

Phill Cady, Republican Precinct Chairman and businessman: At one time, my favorite President was, without a doubt, Ronald Reagan. Then came along Donald J. Trump, a rich man that didn’t need the job but took the calling from regular God-fearing country loving Patriots to take back our country and run for president.

I was so sick and tired of the politicians continually saying that they would do something and make changes, but it was always the status quo. President Trump promised he would drain the swamp in Washington, that has caused so many problems in Washington, rebuild the military, secure the border by building the wall between Mexico and America’s Southern border, bring back factory jobs from overseas, lower taxes, among many many more promises. President Trump lowered the unemployment rates to historical lows for all ethnic groups and races. His success at keeping his promises built up confidence with corporate America and sent the stock market to continued record highs throughout President Trump’s four years of office.
President Trump did more in four years than the last three presidents have done in 24 years.
It was “Promises made Promises Kept” by President Trump and his love for the country and citizens why I believe President Trump  without a doubt is my favorite President.

Robert Coats, Republican Precinct Chairman: This will surprise you. My favorite President may be Calvin Coolidge. He truly understood the Constitution. He was a small government hero and, unlike myself, a man of few words. I will speak to you more on the subject over a cigar sometime soon.

Sandi Curtis, conservative Republican political activist: Donald J. Trump is my favorite President. He told us what he’d do, if elected, and he kept his promises, almost. But for a psychotic majority of elected Democrats in the House, a den of bureaucratic vipers, who hated him more than they cared for America, and a manufactured pandemic that crushed our way of life, he would have kept all his promises.

He revered God, our Constitution, making America strong economically and supporting the Republican platform. He was pro-life, pro right to bear arms, traditional family, right to worship, freedom of speech, making our trade relationships favor America. He was a successful businessman and he was making America the most successful business in the world. There’s a lot more I could say, but I’ve hit the high points.

Jody Czajkoski, Mayor of Conroe and Real Estate Businessman: Abraham Lincoln believed that every American should have the opportunity to improve their economic and social conditions.

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years” ― Abraham Lincoln

Brian Dawson, businessman and Republican activist: Thomas Jefferson – everyone knows he wrote the Declaration of Independence (with some poignant help from Franklin), as President he is a reflection of both the perils that can befall and principles that can be upheld as a person in the office.

Precinct 2 Montgomery County Constable Gene DeForest: I have to look back on History and say President Kennedy.  The reason is what he said “ Ask not what your Country can do you, BUT what you can do for your COUNTRY !”

Even though he did not last long thanks to his death by the hands of a criminal.

There have been Presidents that did great things right up to President Trump whom I thought was a great President.  He just needed to learn when NOT to say certain things.  I seem to have that problem from time to time.

Rafael de la Flor, conservative political activist: I would have to say, Thomas Jefferson.  I think he has been greatly misunderstood and there’s controversy in that debate. Although historians and academia may never give Jefferson proper credit and future generations may never know more than his stance on democracy, what is lasting about his philosophy speaks the most to me and always has been a curiosity to me. Not only did he draft the Declaration of Independence and have a strong belief in freedom of religion, he sums up my agreements with his quote, “the government that governs best is the government that governs least.”

I’m no historian or self-proclaimed specialist on history by any standards, but mankind is not perfect and neither is any President. Presidents come and go, but those that do the least to increase the government do the best, in my opinion.
Dr. Billy Graff, Co-Producer, MCPLive.TV: I have to say Reagan. He was the first President I was able to vote for. I was in the military and had great respect for his tenacity and support for the troops.
Clayton Hagerman, businessman: Tough to choose between the two, but, if Washington had not been successful, Lincoln likely would not have had a nation to govern.
WINNER.  Washington for creating the union.
SECOND.  Lincoln for preserving the union.

John Hagerman, Woodlands real estate investor and attorney: In my life time, it is Reagan and Trump!!!

Harry Hardman, Board President, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District, and Businessman: My favorite American president is Ronald Reagan. There are many, many reasons why he’s my favorite, but I will try to distill them to a few. First, he was the first presidential candidate I could vote for (1980). I was in college and became politically aware for the first time, because, during the feckless Carter administration, we had suffered through: a major energy crisis leading to gas shortages/lines, mortgage interest rates of 18% (yes, 18%!), the botched attempt to get our Iranian hostages freed, the boycott of the 1980 Olympics, and the infamous “malaise” speech before Congress. I knew even then that we could do much better, and we did.

Under Reagan, we enjoyed the following: the hostages were released on Inauguration Day, the Reagan Doctrine of Peace through Strength against communist forces in Soviet-backed governments brought back respect from our enemies, brought the Cold War to an end, established the Strategic Defense Initiative (the “Star Wars program”) which defended us from nuclear ICBM’s, introduced “Reaganomics” – which grew the GDP from -0.3% to 4.1% during his presidency, created over 18 million new jobs in his two terms and made the economy manageable again. Most importantly, he was the original “America First” president of the 20th century, restored national pride, confidence, enthusiasm, and hope – sentiments that are being trampled upon as quickly as possible by the current administration. One can only hope and pray that the adage holds true, “For every Carter (Biden), there is a Reagan.”

Montgomery County Sheriff Rand Henderson: Ronald Reagan. His Reaganomics and nerdy approach to supply side economics was influential to my youth. He was a true statesman yet firm in his ideals. A true economic conservative.

Jonna Johnson, conservative political activist: My favorite American President is President Donald Trump.

 Why? Because I’ve gotten to personally see the wonderful things he has done for America, including his push for border security. We all know that over time, history can be manipulated, and we must rely on what we are told from our teachers, or read in books. I’ve been blessed to live and see the vast differences between Trump compared with Carter, Reagan , Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, and now Biden. There has been no other like President like Donald J Trump IMO. He is truly the People’s President.

Adrian Kaiser, Republican Precinct Chairman: My Favorite President is James K Polk. Polk was the First President to be a “Dark Horse.” His commitment to Manifest Destiny was what led to growing the United States “From Sea to Sea.” Also, he’s one of the reasons the Bank of the United States didn’t come back. He also chose to only serve one term and step aside after he was done. Also, he was the hardest working President. Hardly ever took a vacation. And died three months after leaving office.

My second favorite President was Calvin Coolidge.

Calvin Coolidge came off the tenuous presidency of Warren G. Harding. The Harding administration was wracked with scandal, as Harding was not a very good leader. Despite that, Coolidge would go on to be a fiscal conservative, increasing business with his laissez faire economic policy and actually going against some of the former Theodore Roosevelt restrictions on business. He fostered growth of the United States, leading to the roaring 20’s, as it’s commonly referred to.

He was a president that vetoed many good bills. He’s been quoted as saying, “It’s more important to veto bad bills than to sign good bills.”
Coolidge’s main concern, and where he was the most effective leader, was in economics.
Mark Keough, Montgomery County Judge: Donald Trump. Promises made Promises kept!

Bill Leigh, homebuilder and attorney: Probably Truman. His bomb decision, the Truman Doctrine, firing MacArthur, demeanor, condor, family focus and military service all set him apart from most of the establishment elites. Probably next two are Reagan (first term) and Teddy Roosevelt.

Brett Ligon, Montgomery County District Attorney: Number 26. Teddy Roosevelt is my favorite.  Of course, everyone remembers him as a rough rider and the charge up San Juan Hill, but his career was so varied and prolific as a politician, historian, writer and adventurer.  He was approximately my age when he embarked on a 15,000 mile trek in the Amazon with his son.  He had lost the presidency, but still had a warriors spirit.  I think my affinity extends to his true patriotism, his little known work as the president of NYPD police board.  He was a bull for the Republican Party and like John Wayne toilet paper, “didn’t take crap off anyone.”

Judge Wayne Mack, Precinct 1 Justice of the Peace: President Abraham Lincoln is my favorite, because he had the courage to take a stand and fight for what he knew was right. He felt called and compelled to not only to uphold the Constitution, but also to protect and defend it.

During the Gettysburg Address, by far one of the greatest speeches in our nation’s history, he stated “ that these dead shall not have died in vain …that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.” His 272 word speech should be our prayer in 2021 for our nation.

Matt McLane, Investment Advisory, McLane Advisors: I’d have to say Reagan.  I know he wasn’t perfect.  But I love the way he was able to unify people.   He and his crew almost single handedly ended the Cold War.

And he was such a clever orator!   He’s my fave.

Webb Melder, former Conroe Mayor: Abraham Lincoln …and “the one world government powers to be “ took him out.

John Moore, retired energy trader: Ronald Reagan. I was serving in the military at the time. I felt like it was a wonderful being an American. I felt that. 49 of 50 states voted for his re-election, and that just hasn’t happened.

Michael Perez, retired Sam Houston State University Dean and Professor: JFK; he gave me hope.

Larry Rogers, Chairman, Montgomery County Tea Party PAC: Donald Trump because he fulfilled his campaign promises.

Calvin Russell, businessman, conservative political activist, and husband to the “Quiet Lady From Magnolia”: Washington, for a lot of reasons, but mostly his response when asked to serve another term by men who would have made him king. He said, “have I not done enough yet for my country?” He was actually serving, not ruling. Lost on candidates today.

Ashley Sam, Historian and Philosopher: Rather than choosing one favorite President, there are two groups of Presidents whom I believe are worth mentioning, because they had enormously historic impacts on the United States and the rest of the world. No President has been perfect. As Bill Leigh noted when he responded to this newspaper’s questions, “Isn’t the real question which President is the least detested?” I don’t judge Presidents or politicians by their popularity. Rather, I judge them by whether they did the right thing and provided long-term positive results.

The first group of important Presidents consists of Thomas Jefferson and James K. Polk. Both Jefferson and Polk oversaw enormous American geographic expansion and successfully prosecuted the concept of “American exceptionalism.” Without them, the United States of America would have been a very different country and may not have had the opportunity to benefit the rest of the world as we did.

The second group of important Presidents brought an end to the Cold War, the military stalemate and threats between the United States and the Soviet Empire, which began right at the end of World War II and continued until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1993. That group consists of Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan. I realize that the first two in that list, Nixon and Carter, are controversial choices. I am not suggesting they were great people or even great Presidents in every respect. Nevertheless, they did do some important things which contributed mightily to the end of the Cold War.

President Nixon was a brilliant man with a deeply flawed character. Nevertheless, he and his National Security Advisor, Henry Kissinger, took two critical steps to bring an end to the Cold War. They established “triangular diplomacy” between the United States, Russia, and China. By opening a dialogue with both of those nations at once, Nixon and Kissinger placed enormous economic and military stress on both Russia and China. Those dialogues opened many doors for the Reagan administration 15 years later. Nixon and Kissinger implemented an American foreign policy closer to “realism” than at any other time in American history.

President Carter was a poor decision maker but had one of the most nimble minds of any President. Although many conservatives criticized Carter at the time, President Carter’s espousal of human rights and his harsh criticism of Eastern bloc countries placed massive pressure on the Soviet Union and largely contributed to its economic collapse as Eastern Europe ran away from the Warsaw Pact and trade relationships with Russia during the 1980s. Behind the scenes, President Carter also began the American military buildup for which President Reagan ultimately received the most credit. Carter adopted the “counterforce” concept in secret National Security Memoranda, which such concept placed the Soviets in the position that they had to deploy massive economic resources towards building up new aspects of their military forces. Furthermore, Carter worked closely with Secretary of Defense Harold Brown to begin implementation of technological changes to the American military.

President Reagan followed the policies of President Nixon and President Carter with respect to America’s dealings with the Soviet Empire, but, through wonderful communication, threats, and cajoling, he placed enough pressure on Eastern bloc nations and ultimately upon Russia to cause the entire Empire to collapse under its economic weight.

We remember how many terrible decisions Nixon and Carter made, because many of us lived through their presidencies. With the hindsight of history, however, Nixon, Carter, and Reagan all deserve enormous credit for bringing an end to the Cold War.

Simon Sequeira, Quadvest President and property rights advocate: Reagan.  He is the first president I remember saying the government is the problem.

Danny Signorelli, real estate developer and President of The Signorelli Company: Ronald Reagan is second only to Abraham Lincoln.  Lincoln like Reagan was known as a great speaker and communicator.  Lincoln led us through the civil war. During a time of moral, constitutional and political crisis, Lincoln succeeded in preserving the union, abolishing slavery, and strengthening the government and economy at the same time. Lincoln was our first Republican President and blazed a trail of change for the good. We need more folks like Lincoln in office.

James Spigener, Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District Board member and businessman: My American hero president is George Washington. He put his personal life aside to bring order to this fledgling nation. He went into battle with his troops to throw the tyrannical government out. He gave so we could have what we have. He is my favorite by a mile.

Mike Stoecker, Conroe businessman and real estate developer: Besides George? That would be Abraham Lincoln, as regardless of intent he kept the US together!

Maybe US Congress could learn something from that!

Pat Tibbs and Dennis Tibbs, President of Montgomery County Tea Party and retired businessman: Dennis and I both agree: Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.  Sadly, neither one were fiscal conservatives, but they both (non-politicians) accomplished great things.

Steve Toth, State Representative, District 15, Republican of Conroe: Administrations come and go. None has accomplished more in 8 years than Donald J Trump accomplished in 4. Elites by the name of Rove, Bush, Romney and Cheney scratch their head and wonder how and why Trump garnered ten million more votes in 2020 than in 2016.

“Make NATO members pay their fair share.”
“We have to quit sending America’s young people to die in foreign wars.”
“Jerusalem is the rightful home of the American embassy.”
“American workers are getting a raw deal from these trade deals.”
“American taxpayers shouldn’t subsidize Planned Parenthood.”
“Pastors shouldn’t fear loss of their non-profit status over free speech.”
“It’s time the American worker was valued over the Chamber of Commerce.”
I could go on and on. Campaign promise after campaign promise. Administration after Administration with none of them fulfilling a single campaign promise.
Trump was true to his word. He was the first President since Reagan to actually care more about the people of Main Street instead of lobbyists on K Street in DC.

No President made more enemies of the lobby than Trump. His biggest enemy was Big Pharma. The first thing Biden did was to have Ron Klain, his assistant and chief of staff, announce a Regulatory Freeze Pending Review in a White House memorandum. For Big Pharma, families, who are insulin dependent, went from spending $60 a month to $300 to $600 a month. That was Mr. Biden’s latest quid-pro-quo, this time with Big Pharma. The “quid” from Big Pharma was withholding the vaccine until after the election to hurt Trump.

We’ve gone from one of the most “We The People”-centric Presidents ever to the most “Lobby”-centric President ever. Hopefully, the actual 65 million people who voted for him will come to their senses.
“For too long the elites of government have reaped the benefits while ‘we the people’ have born the cost.”  – – President Donald J Trump
Daniel Ure, Vice Chairman, Montgomery County Republican Party, and investment advisor and general counsel of McLane Advisors: George Washington, of course.

John Hill Wertz, Montgomery County Republican Party Treasurer, Montgomery County Tea Party Vetting Chairman, conservative activist, retired businessman: George Washington is my favorite and the best and it isn’t even close (though probably Trump is 2nd best, based on what he did in one term, with all the distractions going on around him). Washington was devoted to his Maker, family, a military general, political leader, statesman and Founding Father. When all was on the line and the Brits wanted him dead, he persevered and led our new country to victory and nationhood. And with that and despite the fact most would’ve elected him “King”, he served his two terms per the constitution and then stepped aside back to private life.

Dr. Wally Wilkerson, former Montgomery County Republican Party Chairman: Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump.




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