The Closing Argument for the November 6 General Election

The Closing Argument for the November 6 General Election

Image: Five fighters for conservative reform in Montgomery County’s government: left to right, Montgomery County Attorney J.D. Lambright, Belinda Lambright, future FLOMC Kim Keough, Republican Nominee for Montgomery County Judge Mark Keough, and District Attorney Brett Ligon.

Conroe and Montgomery County, November 6 – Thanks to the hard work of citizen activists, voters in Montgomery County have a clear opportunity to vote for freedom and reform by casting ballots for Republicans and certain nonpartisan candidates or, in the alternative, to vote for Big Government principles that trample upon freedom.

Montgomery County, which enjoys one of the most conservative communities of citizens in the United States, has a duty to show the rest of the Nation what we can do. Our Republican turnout has been substantially higher than throughout the rest of Texas, because the Montgomery County Republican Party under the robust leadership of Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, Victory 2018 Steering Committee Chairman Dale Inman, and Grassroots Organization Captain Kelli Cook has spurred citizen and voter activism to record levels.

By showing that a community can turn the tide away from bigger and bigger government and towards lower government spending, lower taxes, and greater freedom, Montgomery County citizens can prove that it’s possible for citizens to REDUCE government power and return that power to its source: the citizens at the top of the organizational chart of every government jurisdiction.

Why should you care?

Government confiscates your money in the form of taxes. There’s a bigger – and more noble – issue, however. Numerous studies have shown that children learn 90% of their life knowledge during their first five years of life. If they have strong interactions with their parents during those formative years, they learn more in quantity and in efficiency. The children who have less interaction from their parents are the ones who experience the greatest troubles in their formal school years.

Therefore, the massive increase in government’s taxation of disposable income during the past 50 years in the Unired States, which has forced both parents to work outside of the home throughout their adult lives, has robbed children of the parental attention they so desperately deserve. Those studies have also revealed that the children who fare best in school, whether they’re rich or poor, are the children who enjoy at least one stay-at-home parent.

The increasing spiral of taxation has placed enormous strains on American society. Social, intellectual, and emotional skills decline as children enjoy less parental attention. Those declining skills require more and more government to step in to take care of Americans who have less personal tools to fend for themselves.

For that reason, and for the broad acceptance of the principle that freedom is a fundamentally positive principle behind what it means to be an “American,” Montgomery County must lead the way away from government largesse and towards individual freedom.

The 2018 Election presents Montgomery County voters major opportunities to show the world how strong our beliefs truly are

It’s not just a question of showing support for Donald Trump, one of the most successful presidents during our lifetimes. That is, however, important. President Trump has taken on the federal bureaucracy, the “deep state,” special interests, terrorist states and organizations, and opponents of life and freedom. By shaking up the federal government, he’s brought a chaos with him that the liberal media and those who depend on government handouts cannot fathom. They’ve depended upon governmental regularity to build their power and money.

Control of Congress is vital to President Trump’s agenda. Control of the United States Senate is particularly critical, because the Senate has the power to give “advice and consent” to President Trump’s nominees for federal office. Conservatives cannot afford to lose Ted Cruz, the Republican Texas Senator who has the second strongest conservative voting record (after Kentucky’s Rand Paul) in the entire Congress.

In Austin, liberals who have infiltrated the Republican Party have worked closely with outgoing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus to stop statewide property tax reform, a ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying, and school finance reform. With Straus’ retirement, it’s all the more important for Montgomery County to send hard-driving conservative Steve Toth of The Woodlands to Austin to represent us along with Cecil Bell of Magnolia and Will Metcalf of Conroe.

Sadly, Montgomery County suffers from a County government that remains the “most corrupt County government in Texas.” The political establishment panicked in the late 1970s when Republican-leaning families moved into Houston’s suburbs and refused to support democrat politicians. Liberal democrats such as Craig Doyal and Charlie Riley had to switch political parties so they would have a chance of election in Republican Montgomery County. Unfortunately, the Republican Party Chairman just welcomed them into the Party but didn’t expect them to tow the line of the Republican Party Platform.

With the 2018 Republican Primary Election on March 6, however, that began to change. For the first time in 54 years, conservatives enjoyed a majority on the Montgomery County Republican Party Executive Committee and began to institute reforms that broadened authority over the Republican Party to include the conservative grassroots whom Wilkerson and his establishment allies have tried to exclude for five decades. That Primary Election brought in great conservative reformers as the Republican standard bearers, including Mark Keough for County Judge, Melisa Miller for District Clerk, Melanie Bush for County Treasurer, and Matt Beasley for Precinct 3 Justice of the Peace.

Now, conservative Republican voters have a great reason to be excited as they vote at the polls. The turnout reflects that excitement over President Trump, Senator Cruz, soon to be Judge Keough, Representative Toth, and the others.

Montgomery County voters have every good reason to vote for the Republican slate of candidates. They’re true reformers.

The excitement of the grassroot conservatives over the pro-citizen direction of Montgomery County has spread to nonpartisan races as well, including the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (citizens rights advocates fighting the high water bills monopoly and regulations), the Conroe Independent School District (a candidate, Dale Inman, who wants a fair balance between education policies and taxpayer rights, versus three members of the education bureaucracy establishment), and the Woodlands Township (where Bruce Rieser and Brian Boniface represent successful conservative principles in action to keep government’s burden off the backs of hardworking taxpayers.)

Regardless of how the rest of the nation turns out on this Election Day, Montgomery County has something to prove!



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