Thanks to Dr. Wilkerson for that GREAT feeling: the County GOP Executive Committee did super work Tuesday night

County GOP Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., inspires wherever he goes.

Conroe, March 2 – On this great day in Texas history, we should also thank County GOP Chairman Walter D. Wilkerson, Jr., for the positively outstanding work of the County GOP Executive Committee this past Tuesday night in overwhelmingly passing a resolution calling for significant County government spending reductions, a much-needed 20% homestead exemption on property taxes, and increased County law enforcement funding. Of course, we should also be very grateful to Precinct 50 Chairman Reagan Reed for his authorship of the proposal and his gracious work in convincing the GOP Committee to adopt it.

It’s a great week for the County GOP Executive Committee! We should thank ALL of the Committee members – the 90 Precinct Chairs – for this act of outstanding leadership. They have provided the citizens with an important tool to work to change the hearts and minds of the screeching liberals on the Montgomery County Commissioners Court – Craig Doyal, Charlie Riley, and Mike Meador – and possibly implement the precise reforms our community so desperately needs.

Just yesterday, I heard a story of a Galveston County Commissioner who over the past few days has told friends that Montgomery County’s Commissioners Court has a reputation as one of the worst in all of Texas for its absence of ethics, conflicts of interest, corruption, out-of-control spending, and generally poor leadership. That’s a sad reflection on our great community. The Montgomery County Commissioners Court does NOT reflect the great citizens of Montgomery County. We’re moving in the right direction, however.

While Dr. Wilkerson concluded the GOP Executive Committee meeting with the observation that the meeting did not end with a “good feeling,” hopefully Dr. Wilkerson will recognize that his actions and the actions of the entire GOP Executive Committee in adopting that pro-citizen, pro-reform, anti-spending, and anti-tax resolution is precisely what citizens have craved for the Republican Party to show for leadership. As citizens, we must take their great work, thank Dr. Wilkerson and his entire Committee team, and get the work done at the County Commissioners Court.

Thank you, Dr. Wilkerson. Thank you, County GOP Executive Committee. Thank you, Reagan Reed. Thank you, Montgomery County!

The rest is up to us.



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