THANKS honors Animal Shelter super star Emilie Love

THANKS honors Animal Shelter super star Emilie Love

Image: The Board of Directors of The Homeless Animal Kindness Society, a charitable organization, honored Montgomery County Animal Shelter employee Emilie Love at the Animal Shelter for her outstanding work to take care of the animals. The ceremony occurred at the Animal Shelter on Monday, June 4, 2018. Pictured are Board members with Love, left to right, Charles Jackson, Kathy Bickley, Emilie Love, Bill O’Sullivan, Robbie Benson, and Mara Yollick. Board member Lynn O’Sullivan is not in the photograph.

Conroe, June 5 – The Board of Directors of The Homeless Animal Kindness Society (“THANKS”), a charitable organization based in Montgomery County to support the animals and people who love them in Montgomery County, held a ceremony yesterday morning, Monday, June 4, 2018, at the Animal Shelter to present the first quarterly recognition of an Animal Shelter employee who went above and beyond the call of duty to help the animals and the people. THANKS gave the first such recognition to Emilie Love and gave her a bonus check of $500 along with a certificate recognizing her work.

THANKS Board Chairman Bill O’Sullivan explained, “It’s a lot nicer to give a dog or cat a forever home rather than alternative. That’s why we’re a kindness society and trying to help the people in here. This award program that we’ve established is for people who are exception in that they do and go that extra mile. We interviewed several people at the Shelter and the clear choice for our first award of $500 and a certificate of recognition is Kennel Tech Emilie Love.”

Love tearfully accepted the award and said, “I’ve been here 5 years. You guys and the animals keep me going. I love what I’m doing because helping animals and people is what I love. I want to help the dogs and cats get out of here.”

O’Sullivan noted that the first award comes during the most difficult time of the year when the puppy and kitten population in the Shelter is usually the highest. The population of the Shelter was 650 as of the beginning of June 4. “We can save all the dogs, but then we have 700 dogs inside here. We need to figure out a way to get them out the front door into forever homes.

THANKS Board member Kathy Bickley added, “All of your work is appreciated. We recognize hard work.”

The THANKS Board includes O’Sullivan, Bickley, Robbie Benson, Lynn O’Sullivan, former MCAS Director Charles Jackson, and Mara Yollick. There is one other Board member.

MCAS Assistant Director Mark Wysocki and Director Aaron Johnson participated in the ceremony, but Wysocki noted, “There was no input from management on this award. This ceremony and the award is all from the THANKS Society to allow the community to recognize what you’re doing.”

Benson said of Love, “She consistently demonstrates a can-do attitude and is always looking for a better way to help save lives at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Emilie supervises the animal care team, the people who take care of the kennels and care for the animals daily.”

What is THANKS?

Benson said, ‘THANKS members are advocates for life-saving programs and training in Montgomery Conty for all animals and beyond.” Benson leads a volunteer team that does behavior work at the Shelter, including behavior enrichment and behavior modification. “Behavior enrichment promotes less stress in the animals that are inside the Shelter.”

Love said, “Stress lowers their immune system and causes agitation in the animals, so it’s more difficult to adopt them and to keep them in their adopted homes.”

Benson explained that “behavior modification” is working with the dogs to give them better manners so they’ll more likely be adopted.

The Golden Hammer asked Love what she plans to do with the $500. As one might expect, Love said, “Some of it I’ll spend on my animals. I have two foster kittens, a Rat Terrier Shizu, and a little pit bull.”




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