THANKS Foundation “Go Fund Me” campaign for Montgomery County Animal Shelter prompts movement on air-conditioned trucks

THANKS Foundation “Go Fund Me” campaign for Montgomery County Animal Shelter prompts movement on air-conditioned trucks

Image: Single cab F250 truck with diesel and an air conditioned compartment for the animals. This truck is the prototype for the trucks the Montgomery County Animal Shelter needs in order to transport animals, which Montgomery County Animal Control picks up, during the Texas summer heat.

Conroe, July 12 – After almost a year of complaining that the Montgomery County Animal Shelter and Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack hadn’t completed the purchase of an air-conditioned truck to transport Animal Control animals, conservative activists Lynn O’Sullivan and Bill O’Sullivan finally got the County to move towards the purchase in the most unlikely of methods. It appears the Animal Shelter will now finally move forward with the purchase of three – and possibly four – air-conditioned trucks for the animals which Montgomery County Animal Control brings into the Shelter.

Montgomery County Animal Shelter Director Aaron Johnson confirmed that he will request the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to authorize him to purchase two of the air-conditioned trucks with revenue funds the Shelter has already received from adoptions and other services. Additionally, Noack has confirmed that his Precinct 3 Office will pay for the purchase of a third air-conditioned truck. Johnson told The Golden Hammer that he hopes to apply funds for fleet purchases normally budgeted for the Animal Shelter’s vehicle fleet towards purchase of perhaps other air-conditioned trucks as well. “Purchasing air-conditioned Animal Control trucks is a high priority for the Animal Shelter,” Johnson said during an interview yesterday morning.

On Monday, July 8, The Homeless Animal Kindness Society (THANKS), a nonprofit foundation of which Lynn O’Sullivan is the Board Secretary and Bill O’Sullivan is the Board Chairman, voted to begin a fundraiser to raise $55,000 on the “Go Fund Me” website in order to purchase one of the trucks using private donations for the Montgomery County government.

O’Sullivan advertised the THANKS “Go Fund Me” fundraiser on social media with some remarks which were somewhat critical of the Montgomery County government for not following through on the promise to purchase the air-conditioned trucks a year ago.

On Wednesday, July 9, 2019, both Noack and Johnson contacted O’Sullivan to let him know they would proceed with the purchase of the one (Noack) and two (Johnson) trucks, respectively.

Lynn O’Sullivan of The Woodlands, Board Secretary of The Homeless Animal Kindness Society (THANKS), is a fierce advocate for animal welfare. She spoke to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, June 25, 2019.

The THANKS Go Fund Me page reads:

“Please join The Homeless ANimal Kindness Society in making a difference for our community animals.  THANKS is raising money to buy an animal control truck with an air conditioned compartment for the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in TX.   The truck purchased would be a single cab F250 diesel with an air conditioned compartment for the animals.

“With temperatures steadily in the 90’s and even 100’s during much of the year our community animals need to be kept in air conditioning until they can be brought to the animal shelter.    This is a necessity, not a wish.

“Currently there are no animal control trucks with an air conditioned compartment for animal control to transport animals.    Animal control does everything they can to make sure our community strays are safe, but the lack of an air conditioned truck makes it very difficult.

“Many of our stray animals come from east Montgomery county which is at least a 30 minute drive back to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.   Even with the truck in motion the high temperatures make  the blowing wind hot.   Animals locked in the compartments are subjected to continuous heat with no relief until they reach the animal shelter.

“We as private citizens cannot leave animals in our vehicles or we would face criminal charges, yet Montgomery County puts animals in hot trucks daily during the hot summer months.

“Help THANKS provide a much needed air conditioned truck to transport our community animals to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter.

“A $1000 donation will ensure that your name is put on the truck to show all in our community your love for animals.

“Any donation will make an impact to help our animals stay safe!    Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to our community.

“All donations are tax deductible and all funds donated will go to purchase the air conditioned truck.  Any overage will go to purchase a second truck.”

THANKS Chairman Bill O’Sullivan told The Golden Hammer, “Our decision to establish the ‘Go Fund Me’ page seems to have prompted Commissioner Noack and Director Johnson to take action on this important matter. I appreciate their taking notice and finally moving to purchase the trucks we’ve so desperately needed for transport animals during Texas’ hot summer months.”

Since Monday, THANKS has raised $2,770 towards its goal of $55,000 to purchase an air-conditioned truck. “We started the fundraiser to purchase the first air-conditioned truck,” O’Sullivan explained. “Now, it appears we’ll be purchasing the fourth truck, which the animals so desperately need in our community.”

On June 25, Lynn O’Sullivan appeared before the Commissioners Court and said,

“Lynn O’Sullivan, Precinct 3. By now you should expect that I’m going to talk about animal welfare…Last year at this time in the budget workshop, there was a request from the Animal Shelter for Animal Control to purchase a truck with air-conditioned boxes. That was declined by the full Court. This brought on an onslaught of emotions from the community concerned about animal welfare.

“As a result, there was a commitment to purchase one truck. As of this time, that commitment stands unfulfilled.

“The animals are being transported in a way that I would be charged through the Texas Penal Code with animal cruelty. I stand to be fined up to $4,000 plus jail for doing such a thing. The difference is that I’m a private citizen, but the cruelty is the same.

“A hot box is a hot box no matter who owns the hot box. For whatever reason I don’t care, but it’s not been done.

“I ask with all due respect some one pick up the phone and get this ball rolling.

“Please. Please. Just do it.”




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