Thanks a lot, Charlie; you’re costing us more money for your crazy SH 242 tollroad

Commissioner Charlie Riley, loyal footsoldier to Craig Doyal, the general in the War Against The Taxpayers.

Conroe, August 13 – Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley, will cost taxpayers another $44,723, for his beloved tollroad flyovers at the intersection of State Highway 242 and Interstate 45. This time, Riley will force taxpayers to pay for the removal of all toll signage on the two unpopular flyovers.

Riley has cost Montgomery County taxpayers tens of millions of dollars on his tollway projects. Montgomery County taxpayers have been on the hook for at least $5.5 million of unreimbursed expenses for Riley’s construction of the “Decimation of Hope Highway,” the 3 mile road along Texas 249 which will be one of the most expensive in history.

It seems ridiculous for Riley to cause the Montgomery County government to pay for the toll signage removal. The Harris County Toll Road Authority had the responsibility for the operation of the toll collection plazas on the State Highway 242 flyovers. Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) owns the two flyovers. Either of those agencies would seem responsible for removal of the signage.

Riley, however, has little loyalty to the citizen-taxpayers of Montgomery County. Rather, he continues to work for his true “constituents,” the real estate developers who will benefit for the “free roads” which will come to their real estate developments in undeveloped areas and the engineering and construction vendors who are making millions of dollars in profits off of Riley’s poor decisions.

Riley fiercely lobbied for TX 249 to be a tollroad, even though Montgomery County citizens wanted the road extension to be a freeway and even though TXDOT made clear it would build the road as a freeway, if Montgomery County had not picked the project as a tollroad.



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