Texas Secretary of State Makes Criminal Referral to Attorney General Concerning Montgomery County MUD Rent-A-Voter Scheme

Criminal referral cover letter from Texas Secretary of State to Texas Attorney General.

Conroe and Austin, August 10 – Keith Ingram, the Director of Elections of the Texas Secretary of State, has made a criminal referral “in connection with the creation of Montgomery County Municipal District Number 148, Montgomery County Municipal District Number 130, and Montgomery County Municipal District Number 131” for which the complaints have alleged “that voters were paid to reside in and vote for the creation of these municipal utility districts, as well as to pass bonds in the districts.” Ingram noted in his July 27, 2017, letter to David Maxwell, the Director of Law Enforcement for the Texas Attorney General, that “offering a benefit for the act of voting” is a potential violation of Section 36.02 of the Texas Penal Code which states that an “individual is not permitted to knowingly or intentionally offer any benefit to a voter for voting.” A violation of that provision of the Texas Penal Code is a second degree felony under Texas law.

Now, let’s be very clear. There’s no crime in Texas on the law books for deciding where you live and then voting there. In fact, Texas is quite a bit more lenient than other states in that regard. There is a crime, if you didn’t actually decide to live there. There’s also a crime if you pay some to vote in a certain way or if you receive compensation to vote in a certain way.

Sam Taylor, the spokesman for the Texas Secretary of State, confirmed to The Golden Hammer that “if we determine that an election complaint warrants an investigation, then we turn it over to the Attorney General.” Clearly, the Secretary of State has determined that the Stingray Services, Inc., “rent-a-voter” circumstance in 2014 and 2015 involving those three municipal utility districts warrants an investigation in the Office of Attorney General Ken Paxton.




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