Texas public schools teaching International Baccalaureate program) raise questions whether curriculum fits American, Texas values

IB World, the publication of the International Baccalaureate program, urges the teaching of gender neutrality for schoolchildren, so that they will have a better “understanding of the LGBTQI community.”

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, Plano, and Magnolia, August 12 – At least one hundred and five (105) public schools in Texas teach the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum to children. The IB curriculum has several disturbing features:

  • IB teaches gender neutrality.
  • IB promotes globalism and disavows American nationalism.
  • IB promotes “social justice” through the redistribution of wealth in a philosophical style very similar to the 1917 writings of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
  • IB promotes the racist ethics of Black Lives Matter.

Ginger Russell, a conservative Republican activist and renowned education expert, told this newspaper in an exclusive interview, “Some Texas public school districts claim that the IB program supports Community Standards. Well, let it be known that, in addition to IB promoting Marxist ideologies, it also promotes Gender Neutral Schools. Do the school boards and the administration truly think Texas communities support such an evil practice?”

The Golden Hammer has confirmed that the schools listed at the end of this article actively teach the curriculum and values of the IB program. There are likely many others, particularly high schools, that teach all or part of the IB curriculum.

Gender Neutrality

An article in IB World, the official publication of the IB program, on gender neutrality teaching, contained the following admonishment:
“Children pay attention to gender only because adults so often label and sort people by gender. Gender-neutral schooling is a step in the right direction. There is no evidence that children would be harmed if their world were not gendered. However, children will still need to understand sexism to not develop biased attitudes. Teachers and parents shouldn’t become gender blind and gender mute. They need to discuss sexism and gender discrimination with children.”
Globalism and anti-American nationalism
A secret meeting occurred on Thursday, August 5, 2021, between Montgomery County Republican Party officials and administrators of the Magnolia Independent School District whose high schools teach the IB curriculum. Kelley Inman, a retired Willis schoolteacher, who has extensive knowledge about the IB program, challenged Magnolia ISD’s Deputy Superintendent Jason Bullock, Assistant Superintendant Erich Morris, and Public Relations Director Denise Meyers on the program. Bullock, Morris, and Meyers were unable to defend the IB program, so they made a telephone call on a speakerphone to Paul Campbell, the National Curriculum Director for the IB program in Bethesda, Maryland, during the meeting.

Campbell admitted that the IB program:

  • Promotes internationalism and rejects any nationalism, particularly American nationalism;
  • Rejects pro-American beliefs and pushes globalism over Americanism;
  • Works closely with the United Nations and requires children to accept the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights; and
  • Rejects western democracy and capitalism.
Social justice and redistribution of wealth

The IB program’s core purpose is to promote teachings of social justice and the redistribution of wealth. The curriculum makes clear that its grand purpose is for students to “work towards a more equal distribution of wealth” specifically through the forced redistribution of wealth, which the IB curriculum classifies as a “human rights issue.” The IB program’s curriculum at its website (ibo.org) describes its “Social justice and equality” priority in its curriculum.Bullock, the Magnolia ISD Deputy Superintendent, admitted after the Dupuy telephone call during the secret meeting last week that the IB program “does have values not in line with our local community.” Nevertheless, Bullock drew the line in the sand and made clear that Magnolia ISD refuses to discontinue the IB curriculum at the two school district high schools.

Black Lives Matter

IB program Tweet, dated June 9, 2020.

The IB program announced on social media on June 9, 2020, that it is “actively developing plans on how we can help lead change globally. #BlackLivesMatter.” There is certainly nothing wrong with fighting against racial inequality. Nevertheless, a school curriculum stating that it “stand[s] in solidarity with” any particular race would seem to be racist in and of itself. Hopefully, the IB program’s leaders will re-evaluate whether it is appropriate to stand in “solidarity” with any one particular race of people rather than with all people.

Texas values do not set Texans as standing in “solidarity” with any particular race of people, white, brown, black, or otherwise.


The IB program does not reflect Texas values or the values of many, if any, Texas localities. Texans are not racist, socialist, anti-American, or supportive of gender neutrality. Perhaps, the Texas Education Agency and the State Board of Education, which oversees the agency, should begin to question the propriety of the IB program in the localities where it appears. More importantly, the school district Boards of Trustees should fulfill their primary duty to question the values of curricula taught in the public schools, which they’re tasked to oversee.

The Golden Hammer has confirmed that the following public schools teach the IB program curriculum. There are likely many other public schools that also offer the curriculum, according to the Texas Education Agency.

Allen High SchoolDPAllenDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Amarillo High SchoolDPAmarilloPanhandleAuthorizedPublicYES
Anderson Mill ElementaryPYPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Arlington High SchoolDPArlingtonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Austin Academy for ExcellenceMYPGarlandDFWCandidatePublicYES
Austin ElementaryPYPHarlingenSouth TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Barbara Bush Middle SchoolMYPIrvingDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Bluebonnet Trail Elementary SchoolPYPManorAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Bob Lanier Middle SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Borman ElementaryPYPDentonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Bramlette STEAM AcademypypLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Briscoe ElementaryPYPSan AntonioSan AntonioCandidatePublicYES
Bryan High SchoolDPBryanCentral TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
C.C. Mason ElementaryPYPCedar ParkAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Caldwell Heights Elementary SchoolPYPRound RockAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Calhoun Middle SchoolMYPDentonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Carroll ISDMYPSouthlakeDFWInterestedPublicYES
Chandler Oaks ElementaryPYPRound RockAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Coppell High SchoolDPCoppellDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Coronado High SchoolCPLubbockWest TexasInterestedPublicYES
Crockett ElementaryPYPMarshallEast TexasInterestedPublicYES
Crow Leadership AcademyPYPArlingtonDFWCandidatePublicYES
DeAnda ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonCandidatePublicYES
Denton High SchoolMYP, DPDentonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Edgar Allan Poe Elementary SchoolPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Eisenhower Ninth Grade SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Eisenhower Sr. HighDPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Fenwick AcademyPYPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
Forest Park Magnet School of Global StudiesMYPLongviewEast TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Foster Middle SchoolMYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Francisca Alvarez ElementaryPYPMcAllenSouth TexasAuthorizedPublic
Frisco High SchoolDPFriscoDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Garland High SchoolDPGarlandDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Grandview Hills ElementaryPYPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Grisham Middle SchoolMYPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Harvard ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Heights High SchoolMYP, DP, CPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Houston ElementaryPYPHarlingenSouth TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Hudson Prep SchoolPYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Huffman ElementaryPYPPlanoDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Humble High SchoolDPHumbleHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Huppertz ElementaryPYPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
Hutchinson Middle SchoolMYPLubbockWest TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
J.C. Harris Middle SchoolMYPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
JL Everhart ElementaryPYPLongviewEast TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Johnston-McQueen ElementaryPYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Jose S. Ramirez ElementaryPYPLubbockWest TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Kramer IB PYP World SchoolPYPDallasDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Kujawa EC/PKPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Kujawa ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Lamar High SchoolDPArlingtonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Las Colinas Elementary SchoolPYPIrvingDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
LC Anderson High SchoolDPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
LD Bell High SchoolDPHurstDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Leander High SchoolDPLeanderAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Longfellow Middle SchoolMYPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
Longview High SchoolDPLongviewEast TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Longview High SchoolMYP, CPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Luther Burbank High SchoolMYP, DPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
Magnolia High SchoolDPMagnoliaHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Magnolia West High SchoolDPMagnoliaHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Mark Twain ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Massey Ranch ElementaryPYPPearlandHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Memorial ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonInterestedPublicYES
Mountainview ElementaryPYPWacoCentral TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Murchison Middle SchoolMYPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Ned E. Williams Steam AcademyPYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Newton Rayzor ElementaryPYPDentonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Odessa High SchoolDPOdessaWest TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Pinkerton ElementaryPYPCoppellDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Plano East Senior HighDPPlanoDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Presidential Meadows Elementary SchoolPYPManorAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Preston Hollow ElementaryPYPDallasDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
R. E. Good ElementaryPYPCarrolltonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Ranchview High SchoolMYP, DPIrvingDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
River Oaks ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Robert P. Hernandez Middle SchoolMYPRound RockAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Roberts ElementaryPYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Rockwall – Heath High SchoolDPRockwallDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Rockwall High SchoolDPRockwallDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Roscoe Wilson ElementaryPYPLubbockWest TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Sam Houston High SchoolDPArlingtonDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Sci-Tech Preparatory SchoolDPAustinAustinAuthorizedCharterYES
Scott ElementaryPYPTempleCentral TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Sharpstown International SchoolDPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Sharpstown International SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonCandidatePublicYes
Shotwell Middle SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
South Texas ISD World ScholarsDPEdinburgSouth TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
South Ward Elementary SchoolPYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Spicewood ElementaryPYPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Stony Point High SchoolDPRound RockAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Stony Point High SchoolMYPRound RockAustinCandidatePublicYES
Tanglewood Middle SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Temple High SchoolDPTempleCentral TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Thomas Jefferson High SchoolDP, MYPSan AntonioSan AntonioAuthorizedPublicYES
Travis Science AcademyMYPTempleCentral TexasAuthorizedPublicYES
Trinity High SchoolDPEulessDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Vandegrift High SchoolDPAustinAustinAuthorizedPublicYES
Vernon Middle SchoolMYPHarlingenSouth TexasCandidatePublicYES
Ware East Texas Montessori AcademyPYPLongviewEast TexasCandidatePublicYES
Welch Middle SchoolMYPHoustonHoustonCandidatePublicYES
Westchester Academy for International StudiesMYP, DP, CPHoustonHoustonAuthorizedPublicYES
Western Hills High SchoolDPFt. WorthDFWAuthorizedPublicYES
Woodson Elementary SchoolPYPHoustonHoustonCandidatePublic
Worthing High SchoolCPHoustonHoustonInterestedPublicYES




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