Texas mayors, along with TML lobbying organization, oppose spending, property tax relief for citizens

Toby Powell is the Mayor of Conroe, Texas.

Conroe, March 7 – A group of twenty-four mayors, along with the entire Texas Municipal League (“TML”), the pro-government-spending and pro-taxation lobbying organization, have formally stated their opposition to the property tax reform legislation under consideration in the 86th Texas Legislature. Senate Bill 2 (S.B. 2) and House Bill 2 (H.B. 2) both would require voter rollback elections if any governmental entity raised its spending more than 2.5% from a previous fiscal year. Voters would have the option of setting aside the higher level of taxation incident to the decision to spend more tax dollars.

It seems that once people become elected servants they often fall under the sway of TML which indoctrinates city officials to take an anti-citizen, pro-taxation, and pro-spending approach. Specifically, TML has stated its official position regarding statewide property tax reform:

“The bad news is that, like the Senate bill, the bill still contains the 2.5 percent cap, which is unworkable for nearly every city.   City officials concerned about that figure need to keep the pressure on both their representatives and their senator.  The message is not that the bill should die. Now that school tax relief is included in the bill, that’s an unreasonable expectation.  The message is that there may be a rollback number that works for the majority of cities, but it certainly isn’t 2.5 percent. “

In other words, TML and its mind-controlled mayors and city councilmen want to be able to increase government spending more than 2.5% each year. It’s important to note that TML has take the position that a 2.5% spending increase limitation is “unworkable for nearly every city” according to TML as spokesman for its members.

Twenty-four (24) mayors signed a letter opposing H.B. 2’s 2.5% spending increase limitation. Sadly, Conroe Mayor Toby Powell was one of the individuals who signed the terribly anti-citizen letter. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, who served in the Texas Legislature as a democrat representative from Houston, also signed the letter.

The entire letter follows.







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