Texas House Republicans lose 12 seats of which 8 incumbents, maintain 18-seat majority in lower chamber

Steve Toth (left, R-The Woodlands) won his election handily with more than 67% of the vote to become the State Representative, District 15, in place of incumbent Mark Keough (right), who will take the oath of office as Montgomery County Judge on January 1, 2019.


Conroe and Austin, November 8 – Montgomery County will continue to have a strong conservative delegation to the Texas House of Representatives with the re-election of Cecil Bell and Will Metcalf and the election of Steve Toth to District 15. While the Republicans will have eighty-four (84) seats in the House during the 86th Texas Legislature to the sixty-six (66) seats of democrats, statewide eight (8) incumbent Republicans lost re-election, while the Republicans lost a total of twelve (12) seats in the Texas House.

Conservative Republicans probably lost about six conservatives to two moderates in the Texas Republican House Caucus. Nevertheless, with the retirement of Joe Straus, the liberal Republican Speaker from San Antonio, there is a greater likelihood that the conservative agenda will move forward during the 86th Legislature than it had previously. The Republican Party of Texas at its biennial convention in San Antonio in June, 2018, set four Legislative Priorities: (1) statewide property tax reform, (2) end taxpayer-funded lobbying, (3) Constitutional carry, (4) abolish abortion, and (5) pass religious freedom and privacy legislation.

Republicans lost two (2) seats in the Texas Senate, so they’ll have nineteen (19) Senate Districts to the twelve (12) of the democrats.

Texas Senate

State Senator Konni Burton of Colleyville lost to a democrat.

The columns are Early Votes – Early Votes Percentage – Total Votes – Total Votes Percentage.


State Senator Don Huffines of Dallas lost to democrat Nathan Johnson.

Texas House of Representatives

Representative Paul Workman of Austin lost to democrat Vikki Goodwin. Workman is a conservative Republican who was holding out for a conservative House Speaker candidate.

Ron Simmons of Carrollton lost to Michelle Beckley. Simmons is a conservative Republican.

Linda Koop, Republican of Dallas, lost to Ana-Maria Ramos. Koop is a moderate Republican.

Rodney Anderson of Grand Prairie lost to democrat Terry Meza. Anderson is a conservative.


Conservative Republican hero Matt Rinaldi of Irving lost to democrat Julie Johnson. Rinaldi is one of the most popular conservative firebrands in Texas.

Mike Schofield of Katy lost to democrat Gina Calanni. Schofield is a conservative Republican.

Gary Elkins of Houston lost to Jon E. Rosenthal. Elkins is a conservative Republican.

Tony Dale of Cedar Park lost to John H. Busy, III, democrat. Dale is a moderate Republican.



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