Texas Governor Abbott’s 2022-23 “budget” nothing more than spending wishlist

Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s so-called’ “Budget” is nothing but a wishlist. It doesn’t even have financial projections, tax revenue projections, or spending projections.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Austin, February 10 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has claimed to have released his “Budget” for the 2022-2023 biennium for the State of Texas. In reality, the document Abbott released last Friday, February 5, 2021, is nothing but a “wishlist” for spending programs with which Abbott may pander to special interests.

The “Budget” document, which Abbott provided, has no statement of tax revenue or projected spending amounts. In fact, the entire document is devoid of how much Abbott wants to spend on the items of his wishlist. Rather, Abbott just panders to the interests he has found so special.

Sadly, there is nothing in Abbott’s “Budget” suggesting any sort of governmental fiscal restraint despite the economic hardship, which his business shut-down mandates have caused during his China Virus panic in 2020 and continuing into 2021. Abbott, instead, has only suggested other means by which the free spending Governor hopes to pander towards special interests who want more government spending and more government intrusion into the free markets, which have made the Texas economy so strong (before Abbott plunged a knife into the heart of Texas’ economic productivity).

The following is the full spending wishlist Governor Abbott has proposed for Texas taxpayers to fund:

Enhancing Capitol Security, Ensuring Safety in the Capital City, Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF), Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER), Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund (GEER), Community Development Block Grant – Coronavirus (CDBG-CV), Child Care Development Block Grant (CCDBG), Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding, A HEALTHER TEXAS Ensuring Access to COVID – 19 Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibody Therapeutics, Improving Technological Capabilities at DSHS, Expanding the Warehouse Capacity for PPE, Improving Our Foster Care System through Community-Based Care, Ensuring Compliance with the Federal Foster Care Lawsuit, Expanding the Capacity of High Quality Providers, Implementing the Family First Prevention Services Act, Expanding on Our Investment in Behavioral Health, Continuing Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement, Ensuring Healthcare Access for Texans with Preexisting Conditions, Increasing the Availability of Teleservices, Expanding Access to Broadband, Fulfilling Our Commitment to Those Who Served, A SAFER TEXAS Ensuring Rapid Disaster Response, Verifying Qualified Peace Officers, Developing Curriculum for Peace Officers, Providing Law Enforcement Access to Training, Providing Additional Body Cameras for Peace Officers, Increasing DPS Recruit Schools, Securing the Border, Preventing and Responding to Mass Violence, Reducing Homelessness Across the State, Increasing Human Trafficking Suspicious Activity Reporting, Continuing Our Commitment to School Safety, Reducing the Backlog of Untested Sexual Assault Evidence Kits, Reforming our Flawed Bail System, Protecting Critical Information Technology Systems, A FREER TEXAS Simplifying State Licensing Requirements, Strengthening the Taxpayer Protections Achieved in Senate Bill 2, Protecting Investments by Banning a Transaction Tax, Ensuring Election Integrity, Supporting Free Commerce through Business Courts, A MORE PROSPEROUS TEXAS Building Upon the Transformative Provisions of House Bill 3, Addressing Learning Loss Due to COVID-19, Creating a Broad Foundation for Civics Knowledge, Continuing Reforms that Benefit Retired Teachers, Expanding Access and Affordability in Post-Secondary Education, Engaging Adult Learners to Meet Workforce Demands, Creating Opportunities through Apprenticeships, Encouraging Innovation and Research at Post-Secondary Institutions, Putting the Tri-Agency Initiative into Action, Supporting Communities Surrounding Military Installations, Attracting Jobs to Texas, Promoting Travel to Texas, Cultivating the Film and Music Industry in Texas.

The Governor’s proposal to “enhance Capitol security” provides an excellent example of the fact that Abbott’s document is not a “budget” but only a “wishlist.” The following is the entirety of this “enhance Capitol security” proposal:

Recent events across the nation, and in Washington, D.C. in particular, have highlighted the need to ensure public buildings are safe for visitors and those who work in them. The seats of government are important symbols, but more significantly, they provide a location for citizens to peaceably assemble and exercise their First Amendment rights. To ensure citizens can exercise those rights, DPS provides security for the Capitol Complex. However, as threats evolve, so do security needs. To protect those who visit and work in the Capitol Complex, DPS must have the capability to detect, deter, and dissuade any threat. I recommend the 87th Legislature fund Capitol security capabilities and the associated personnel requirements of DPS.

While those words appear nice, clearly the Governor wants the Texas Legislature to fade the heat to determine the actual cost of his wish. The entire “Budget” reads in a similar fashion.

Apparently Governor Abbott only wants to spend money while taking no responsibility for fiscal planning to protect Texas taxpayers from government largesse.



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