Texas Governor Abbott appoints Hillary Clinton supporter, other “establishment” hacks to San Jacinto River Authority Board of Directors

Texas Governor Abbott appoints Hillary Clinton supporter, other “establishment” hacks to San Jacinto River Authority Board of Directors

Image: Ricardo Mora, M.D. (right), a scion of the political “establishment” with close ties to disgraced former Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal (left) as well as to Doyal’s best friend, Bobby Jack Adams, the Vice President of Halff Associates, the largest engineering vendor to the San Jacinto River Authority, received an appointment to the San Jacinto River Authority’s Board of Directors from Texas Governor Greg Abbott yesterday. It’s interesting that Governor Abbott appointed Mora, who was a strong supporter and political contributor – twice – to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports

Conroe and Austin, January 4 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed a Hillary Clinton supporter among three “establishment” hacks to the San Jacinto River Authority’s (SJRA) Board of Directors on Monday, January 4. None of the three appointees are of the mindset to bring any reform to the scofflaw state agency which has (1) failed to follow its primary statutory duty “to provide flood control,” (2) caused retail water prices in Montgomery County to skyrocket, by spending more than half a billion dollars on an effort to monopolize the retail sale of water by over-regulating competing groundwater production and by entering into long-term pricing contracts which SJRA has forced on local municipalities and utility companies, and (3) flooded thousands of homes during Tropical Storm Harvey during 2017 when it opened the gates of the Lake Conroe Dam without any meaningful warning in the middle of the night.

Rather than appointing individuals who would bring reform to the beleaguered agency, Abbott appointed three hyper-political individuals with close ties to SJRA’s largest vendor and to the local political “establishment.” Governor Abbott has appointed Wil Faubel and Ricardo Mora, M.D. and reappointed Kaaren Cambio to the San Jacinto River Authority Board of Directors for terms set to expire on October 16, 2025.

The San Jacinto River Authority is a government agency whose primary statutory duties are “to provide flood control” and to provide “soil conservation.” SJRA is currently a defendant in a very serious lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Houston Division, for alleged violations of federal antitrust laws.

The Golden Hammer has confirmed that Governor Abbott has wanted to avoid only appointing white males to state agency positions. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that outgoing SJRA Board President Lloyd Tisdale and Board member Jim Alexander did not receive re-appointments.

The three Abbott appointees are:

Ricardo Mora, M.D., of The Woodlands, an anesthesiologist from The Woodlands who has contributed substantially to Democratic candidates previously, including Hillary Clinton to whom Mora has contributed on at least two occasions. Mora also has had close ties with liberal Republican organization Associated Republicans of Texas (ART). ART recruited Mora to run against State Representative Steve Toth in 2018, but Mora eventually decided not to run after Toth’s campaign made clear that Mora’s contributions to Clinton would become an issue in the campaign. Instead, ART found Jackie Waters who challenged Toth in the Republican Primary Election and lost to Toth handily. ART also recruited Mora to run against popular Republican Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack, but Mora also decided against that run, since Mora would have to run as a Republican while he has a stronger background as a Democrat.

Mora is a partner at US Anesthesia Partners and Chief of Anesthesiology for Memorial Hermann Pinecoft Surgery Center. He was a founder of the Legends Sports Complex in south Montgomery County. He is a member of the Texas Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Society of Anesthesiology. Previously, he served as chair of the Montgomery County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is a founding Board member of the non-profit, Los Doctores de The Woodlands. Mora received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Literature and pre-medicine from the University of California at Berkeley and a Doctor of Medicine from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine. He is a military veteran who received an honorable discharge, after serving eight years in both the Army National Guard and the Texas National Guard.

Mora has close ties to disgraced former Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Doyal’s best friend and golf partner Bobby Jack Adams, the Regional Vice President for Halff Associates, the engineering firm which is the largest vendor engineering consulting firm to SJRA. Adams and Halff should feel quite comfortable with Mora’s appointment to SJRA’s Board of Directors, as their lucrative relationship with SJRA will most certainly continue.

Wil Faubel of Montgomery is President of Borets US Inc. Faubel is the husband of Lake Conroe Area Republican Women’s President Julie Faubel, a very highly respected Republican leader. He is a veteran and senior executive in the oilfield services industry with more than forty years of service. He has both domestic and international experience and is a lifelong member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and a former board member of the Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association. Faubel received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University.

Wil Faubel, President of Borets US, Inc., received an appointment to the San Jacinto River Authority from Governor Greg Abbott on Monday, January 4, 2021. Faubel appears in this photograph in the background center in a black jacket.

Kaaren Cambio of Kingwood is a current Board member who received an appointment to a full term on the Board. Cambio came onto the SJRA Board after the Harvey disaster and as a leader among the residents of Kingwood who protested against SJRA’s flooding of that community. Sadly, Cambio has become a sycophant of SJRA General Manager Jace Houston and has voted with staff recommendations and requests on every occasion. Cambio is a field representative for United States Congressman Dan Crenshaw. She is a former member of Women’s Business Enterprise National Investment Recovery Association, Pipeline Contractors Association, and the Houston Pipeliners Association. She is the past president and current member of the Kings Trails Chapter of the National Charity League and a member of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Tours Committee. Cambio received a Bachelor of Business Administration from San Diego State University.

Mora and Faubel did not respond to requests for comment.



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