Texans express disdain over Governor Abbott’s constitutional hypocrisy, react mightily on social media

Texans express disdain over Governor Abbott’s constitutional hypocrisy, react mightily on social media
Image: The “most interesting man in the world” in a GIF on social media obviously doesn’t think very highly of Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
The Golden Hammer Staff Reports
Austin, September 29 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott probably would have been better keeping his opinions about the Constitution to himself. On Sunday, September 27, 2020, Abbott posted his endorsment of President Donald Trump’s nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court:
“Amy Coney Barrett will be an outstanding U.S. Supreme Court Justice. She has proven legal brilliance, exceptional character and unflinching commitment to the Constitution. The Senate should swiftly confirm her to the Supreme Court just as it recently confirmed her to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.”
Abbott has become one of the most unpopular politicians in Texas political history as a result of his blatantly unconstitutional mandates in response to the Chinese Coronavirus panic. Since March 27, Abbott has shut down tens of thousands of businesses, resulting in a monstrous economic downturn, which has caused far more suicide deaths than COVID-19 deaths, deaths from fear of going for medical treatment, poverty, and permanent business closures. Abbott has ordered the statewide wearing of masks, contrary to the medical advice of many disease control experts. He has decimated the bar and inner tubing rental business and caused permanent job losses in numerous industries.
Very clearly, Abbott’s executive orders are unconstitutional. They violate the separation of powers doctrine by usurping the role of the Texas Legislature to write laws before they’re enacted. His orders violate due process, because they seek to imprison Texans for mandates which have never become law. Furthermore, many of Abbott’s specific orders violate the Free Exercise of Religion clause and the Right of Free Assembly clauses of the Constitution.
Therefore, it’s not surprising that, in response to Governor Abbott’s post to support Judge Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court, Abbott drew the ire of more than 18,000 commenters who expressed negative opinions about Abbott’s own trampling on the Constitution.
The following is a small sample:
Chelsea Neusse Barlow of Arlington: “I have my own opinion. Yours is irrelevant. You have STOLEN the livelihood of so MANY Texans by putting the WRONG people as advisors and completely ignore TRUE data AND your people. I am SO embarrassed by your leadership and I RARELY SAY THAT!!!”
Grant of Dallas: “Florida has completely opened. With no masks. Why don’t you do the same, today?”
Joel Starnes of Fort Worth: “Too bad you do not have that same commitment to our Constitution. OPEN TEXAS NOW! Stay out of my healthcare, stay out of our small businesses, stay out of our lives.”
Tasha Parker of Conroe: “I wonder if she [Judge Barrett] supports Governors that mandate closing of a state and citizens wearing masks during a pandemic?”
Cindy Fennell Cicchetti: “You might talk to her, once she’s seated, about the unconstitutional mask mandates and keeping people from making a living. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness.”
Guy Trent of Tyler: “I hope her legal brilliance will stop these unconstitutional mask requirements and open back up Texas.”
Fred McCluskey: “The only smart thing you’ve said in weeks..open Texas, no masks.”
Susan Darnall of San Marcos: “If you are so concerned about commitment to the Constitution, perhaps you could restore our freedom and open up Texas!!! I am pretty sure the Constitution does not support the masks and mandates imposed upon American citizens.”
Judy Psencik Nyegaard of Katy: “No one cares who you endorse, in fact, your endorsement is a DETRIMENT to any candidate! OPEN TEXAS!!!!”
Dallas Deen Griffin of Houston: “You, Governor Abbott, are unconstitutionally keeping Texas masked and closed . We will not forget this is your last term in office.”
Those commenters appear right on the mark. At least two United States District Judges, Lynn Hughes and Vanessa Gilmore, in Texas alone have held that Governor Abbott’s executive orders are unconstitutional.



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