Taxpayers Fight Back!

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer

Taxpayers Fight Back! We’ve been taking it on the chin for too long a time.

The Golden Hammer is not my newspaper and it was never Eric Yollick’s newspaper. It’s your newspaper. This newspaper has to be a source of information about what is really happening in government and politics.

This newspaper is not seeking out ways to compliment government or make politicians feel warm and fuzzy. Just because someone wins an election doesn’t make them better than the rest of us. To the contrary, they now work for us. They’re our hired servants, as are all government employees.

Elected servants have no right to set the narrative. They have no right to spend our tax dollars making public service announcements, which are just euphemistic ways of telling us how great they are.

When government spends money on taxpayer funded lobbying, on taxpayer funded political campaigns (such as what CISD is doing right now to win the November 5 bond election), or on advertising or public relations to try to make us believe they’re doing their jobs, government is actually stealing from us.

This newspaper has always stood for drastically lower government spending, for drastically lower taxes, for the men and women in law enforcement who fight for our public safety, and for the men and women who fight for our national defense. Those stands will continue.

This newspaper won’t pull any punches. Elected servants and politicians need to understand that The Golden Hammer doesn’t work for them. They work for us, the citizens. The Golden Hammer works for the citizens to help them watch the elected servants and others in government whose duty is to the citizens. 

We need more citizens to report back to us on their observations at school boards meetings, city council meeting and commissioner courts.  First hand knowledge is the best. 

We welcome thoughtful guest editorials and guest articles as long as they’re consistent with the themes of this newspaper. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is welcome to publish her Marxist doctrine in the Courier blog. You won’t find her garbage here.

Let’s have fun, stay focused, and win the fight for taxpayers!


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