Talented MCP.TV President Brenza provides illustrated version of Montgomery County government’s wasteful spending

That’s not James Bond. That’s Bill Brenza, the brilliant Director and Producer of “It’s Hammer Time” and the President of the Montgomery County Politics Network at MCP.TV on Facebook and YouTube.

Montgomery County, January 20 – Bill Brenza, the brilliant President of MCP.TV, which stands for Montgomery County Politics – Television, and the amazing producing of “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular show affiliated with The Golden Hammer, has released a visual depiction of the County government’s wasteful spending, based upon the article published today. The article is “Montgomery County Government, Conroe ISD Spending Out Of Control, Even Compared To Federal Government,” The Golden Hammer, January 20, 2019.

Brenza is originally from Miami, Florida. He graduated from Miami Edison Senior High School and studied finance at the University of Miami. Brenza and his wife Linda live in The Woodlands. Bill is a retired executive with ExxonMobil.

Brenza serves as the Technology Committee Chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Party and is the Webmaster for the Party as well. He was a vital member of the Montgomery County Republican Party’s Victory 2018 Steering Committee, which ran one of the most successful Republican Party General Election campaigns in Texas during that election cycle thanks to Brenza’s leadership as well as the leadership of Party Vice Chairman Reagan Reed, Victory 2018 Steering Committee Chairman Dale Inman, and Victory 2018 Steering Committee Treasurer Kelli Cook.

Brenza is an accomplished artist. In 2012, Galleria Regina in Houston had an entire show dedicated to Brenza’s “Pouring Art.”

Part of the “Pouring Art” Exhibition of renowned artist Bill Brenza’s work at the Galleria Regina in Houston in 2012. Brenza did not make the chair, although he probably sat in it.

Brenza is a “spending hawk” so he and the Publisher of this newspaper have a lot of shared views about government spending.

Brenza’s beautiful visual depiction of Montgomery County government overspending follows:

Bill Brenza’s artistic depiction of Montgomery County government overspending. In the last row, the red “Actual” spending budget shows how much the freespending Commissioners Court is actually spending, while the green “Proposed” shows how the maximum amount they should currently spend if they had stuck to increasing spending by population growth and inflation. The reference to the year “5005” is a minor typographical error that merely reveals how forward-thinking Brenza is.




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