Full Report to Board of District Judges: “Need for an Independent Audit Under Section 115.033 of the Texas Local Government Code”

Memorandum To:                 Honorable Board of Judges                         Honorable Brett Ligon, District Attorney From:           Eric Yollick, Private Citizen Re:                 Need for An Independent Audit Under Section 115.033 of the Texas Local Government Code Date:             December 2, 2016 – – – There are three primary reasons that the Montgomery County Grand Jury should order an independent audit […]

Rep. Keough hails passage of major transparency legislation bill to require county auditors to follow accounting standards

Austin, April 25 – State Representative Mark Keough (R-The Woodlands) hailed the passage of House Bill 1930 as “major transparency legislation that will force counties to comply with national accounting standards.” The short and simple piece of legislation requires that county auditors, such as Montgomery County Phyllis Martin, in counties with a population that exceeds […]

County Auditor Phyllis Martin, The Golden Hammer’s 8th Most Powerful Person in Montgomery County, garners “The Golden Hammer” on March 28

Conroe, March 28 – County Auditor Phyllis Martin, named the “eighth most powerful person in Montgomery County” at the end of 2016, received “The Golden Hammer Award” at the March 28, 2017, County Commissioners Court meeting. Martin has cost County taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and looks to cost many tens of million more […]

Commissioner Riley’s befuddlement, Auditor Martin’s conflicts on public display during auditor’s report to Commissioners Court

Conroe, March 19 – Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley’s befuddlement over his own Precinct budget and County Auditor Phyllis Martin’s conflicts of interest and in appropriate involvement in political issues were on public display in the March 14, 2017, and other recent Commissioners Court meetings. Martin’s actions were particularly disconcerting since the County government and […]