Free rides and beer: Incentives are added to China Virus vaccine drive

Louisville, Kentucky (AP), April 30 – Free beer, pot and doughnuts. Savings bonds. A chance to win an all-terrain vehicle. Places around the U.S. are offering incentives to try to energize the nation’s slowing vaccination drive and get Americans to roll up their sleeves. These relatively small corporate promotion efforts have been accompanied by more […]

China Virus vaccine not effective very long and not at all for variants

NEW YORK (AP) — How long does protection from COVID-19 vaccines last? Experts don’t know yet because they’re still studying vaccinated people to see when protection might wear off. How well the vaccines work against emerging variants will also determine if, when and how often additional shots might be needed. Furthermore, the vaccine appears ineffective […]

J&J vaccine to remain in limbo while officials seek evidence

Washington, D.C. (AP), April 15 –  Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine will remain in limbo for a while longer after government health advisers declared Wednesday that they need more evidence to decide if a handful of unusual blood clots were linked to the shot — and if so, how big the risk really is. The […]

Abbott bungles around, now announcing J&J China Virus vaccine on “pause”

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin, April 14 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott has continued his efforts to prove that government bungles just about everything it does, outside of law enforcement and national defense. After spending weeks promoting, the Johnson & Johnson China Virus vaccine, Abbott yesterday issued a statement following the Centers for Disease […]

Tel Aviv University study suggests increased risk of China Virus for those who receive Pfizer “vaccine”

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe and Jerusalem, April 12 – As local governments enjoy their increased largesse, spending millions of dollars on becoming health care providers of the China Virus vaccine, and the accolades for providing an alleged public health service, the recipients of the vaccine are forgetting the reality that the United States […]

Ireland suspends AstraZeneca vaccine amid blood clot reports

LONDON (AP) — Irish health officials on Sunday recommended the temporary suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine after reports of serious blood clotting after inoculations in Norway. Dr. Ronan Glynn, Ireland’s deputy chief medical officer, said the recommendation was made after Norway’s medicines agency reported four cases of blood clotting in adults after receiving the AstraZeneca […]

South Africa suspends AstraZeneca vaccine drive

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — South Africa has suspended plans to inoculate its front-line health care workers with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine after a small clinical trial suggested that it isn’t effective in preventing mild to moderate illness from the variant dominant in the country. South Africa received its first 1 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine last […]

Vaccinations reach nursing homes as California faces crisis

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The first COVID-19 vaccinations are underway at U.S. nursing homes, where the virus has killed more than 110,000 people, even as the nation struggles to contain a surge so alarming it has spurred California to dispense thousands of body bags and line up refrigerated morgue trucks. With the rollout of […]

US panel endorses widespread use of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. government advisory panel endorsed widespread use of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine Thursday, putting the country just one step away from launching an epic vaccination campaign against the outbreak that has killed close to 300,000 Americans. Shots could begin within days, depending on how quickly the Food and Drug Administration signs off, […]

Pushed to rush, FDA head says feds will get vaccine ‘right’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The head of the agency responsible for authorizing COVID-19 vaccines said Tuesday after a meeting at the White House that federal officials would take the time needed to “get this right,” despite increasing pressure and growing frustration from President Donald Trump that approval is taking too long. “No one at FDA is […]