Judge Bays’ recusal leaves Commissioner Noack’s election contest against democrat in hands of democrat visiting judge

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe, December 19 – After 284th District Court Judge Kristin Bays recused herself in Precinct 3 Montgomery County Commissioner James Noack’s election lawsuit against democrat Party Chairman Marc Meyer, Presiding Regional Judge Olen Underwood appointed Senior District Judge John M. Delaney, a democrat, to hear Noack’s lawsuit. Noack is complaining […]

CISD continues to have problem with anyone disagreeing, attempting to engage in meaningful discussion about spending

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer Conroe Independent School District (CISD) continues to suffer from a basic problem: the administrative bureaucracy and many of its adherents refuse to engage in any meaningful discussion about its proposals to spend hundreds of millions of tax dollars on unnecessary construction (per CISD’s own demographic study) and on bloated cost estimates […]

County Attorney Lambright tries to raise Ethics Committee concern, Commissioners Court ignores

Conroe, April 15 – At this past Tuesday, April 11’s Commissioners Court meeting, Montgomery County Attorney J.D. Lambright attempted to raise an ethics concern about the appearance of a conflict of interest of one of the members of the County’s new Ethics Committee, Dale Inman, of Montgomery. The Commissioners Court brushed Lambright off hardly without […]