Worries about 2020 census’ accuracy grow with cut schedule

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — The U.S. Census Bureau is cutting its schedule for data collection for the 2020 census a month short as legislation that would have extended the national head count’s deadlines stalls in Congress. The move is worrying researchers, politicians and others who say the change will miss hard-to-count communities, including minorities and […]

Big Brother is Watching You: Montgomery County among state leaders in “Government Intrusion Index”

Conroe, June 19 – Montgomery County, Texas, is one of the leading counties in Texas in the “Government Intrusion Index,” the number of local government taxing authorities per 100,000 population. Montgomery County’s “Government Intrusion Index” is 22.95. That means that Montgomery County has 22.95 local government taxing entities per 100,000 population. The Government Intrusion Index […]