Montgomery County Commissioners Court engages in ice machine purchasing folly

Conroe, November 2 – Montgomery County’s Airport already loses more than $688,278 per year of Montgomery County citizens’ tax dollars, but the County Commissioners Court, on October 23, 2018, approved the purchase of an ice machine without even knowing how much money they were spending. The Airport Director, James Brown, failed to provide any backup […]

If Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s look could kill during a call for ethics reform, The Golden Hammer’s Publisher would now be dead

Conroe, October 11 – On October 9, 2018, during the meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners Court, the Publisher of The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper, spoke to the Court and suggested ideas for ethics reform so that Montgomery County might no longer be the “most corrupt County government in Texas.” It’s a shame […]

Noack shows wisdom by delaying Treasurer discussion until budget hearings, while Doyal reveals power is his “Meaning of Life”

Image: This poor man found that satiating hunger did not enhance his life in Monty Python’s “The Meaning of Life.” Hopefully, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal will come to learn that there’s a lot more to a good life than power before he sucks down the fateful mint… Conroe, March 29 – Although the great […]