Is The Ground Falling? Should We Care? Part 3 of 4: SJRA General Manager Jace Houston explains subsidence science, history

Is The Ground Falling? Should We Care? Part 3 of 4: SJRA General Manager Jace Houston explains subsidence science, history

Image: This patriotic chicken has nothing whatsoever to do with this article, except that several readers of The Golden Hammer have commented that they’ve enjoyed the chickens shown during this four-part series on subsidence. Part 1 of the series did, however, begin with references to the story of “Chicken Little,” “Kylling Kluck,” or “Henny Penny,” all […]

Woodlands Residents’ Advocates Founding Father Lazzaro criticizes Bass, The Golden Hammer for Bass’ anti-incorporation opinion piece

The Woodlands, July 4 – Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates, and a mainstay of south Montgomery County politics and business for four decades, harshly criticized former Woodlands Township Director Mike Bass and The Golden Hammer for Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper’s publication of an opinion piece by Bass on Wednesday, July 3, […]

Paul Lazzaro, Founding Father of The Woodlands Residents’ Advocates answers the question whether incorporation of The Woodlands is necessary

By Guest Editorialist Paul Lazzaro IS INCORPORATION STILL NECESSARY because, for the first time in Texas history, the state legislature passed a law that will prevent a municipality anywhere in Texas from exercising a forced annexation of territory without the voters in that territory approving the accession in advance? YES! YES! YES! THE WOODLANDS NEEDS […]

Book Review: “George P. Mitchell and the Idea of Sustainability” by Jurgen Schmandt

John Hill Wertz, Guest Book Reviewer to The Golden Hammer George P. Mitchell and The Idea of Sustainability by Jurgen Schmandt Just the title “Sustainability” alone conjures up the concept of “limitations”. In the introduction and utilizing the “history repeats itself” cliché, the author refers to the medieval concept by Garret Hardin of the “Tragedy of the […]

Investigation of Palmer Crest home fire continues

The Woodlands, June 16 – Two contractors were injured when fire broke out Thursday evening in the more than 10,000 square foot home where they were working on Palmer Crest Drive in The Woodlands.  The 2-alarm fire brought more than a dozen fire companies to the scene from The Woodlands Fire Department and surrounding agencies, along […]

Sheriff Henderson’s team continues to investigate fatal stabbing in The Woodlands

Conroe, May 30 – Detectives with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Homicide/Violent Crimes Unit are continuing their investigation regarding the stabbing that happened on May 28, 2019 at the Plantation Apartments. At this point in the investigation, the victim has been identified as Austin Bryce Utley, a 30 year old white male. The employee of the […]

Sign of how Conroe ISD and its allies operate: Carlton Woods resident Berndt tears down anti-CISD Bond political signs (twice), caught on video, no remorse

The Woodlands, April 22 – Joanne Berndt committed criminal trespass and theft of political signs advertising against the Conroe Independent School District’s $807 million bond and tax hike from her neighbor’s front yard at least twice on April 20 and 21, 2019, as caught on video footage from a security camera at her neighbor’s home […]