Texas GOP to revive voting bill, Democrats plot next move

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Republicans pressed ahead with their push for tougher election laws Tuesday, vowing to ensure Democrats’ weekend victory over one the most restrictive voting measures in the country would only be temporary. GOP Gov. Greg Abbott prepared to call lawmakers back for a special session to revive the voting measure that […]

Census: Texas gains Congress seats, Calif. loses first time

WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s population growth has declined to its slowest rate since the Great Depression, the Census Bureau said Monday, while the nation’s political center of gravity keeps shifting further to the Republican-led South and West. Texas, Florida and other Sun Belt states are gaining congressional seats as chillier climes like New York and […]

Guest writer Nick Vonas, “Can you be a Howard Jarvis for Appraisal District reform in Texas?”

Guest writer Nick Vonas, “Can you be a Howard Jarvis for Appraisal District reform in Texas?”

Image: Howard Jarvis was the California conservative activist who authored and successfully campaigned for the state’s Proposition 13 on June 6, 1978. Nick Vonas, Guest Writer to The Golden Hammer I’d like to reference a comment from the GH editor on this past article: https://thegoldenhammer.net/guest-writer-nick-vonas-calls-for-appraisal-district-reform/ If you look at the beginning of the article the editor references […]

In Texas, attention turns to storm repairs, political peril

DALLAS (AP) — The seam that split in a pipe under Nora Espinoza’s sink during the frigid cold that gripped Texas was narrower than the edge of a dime. Her kitchen appeared mostly undamaged, but the plumber that cut into Espinoza’s wall found water had been pouring in underneath the floor. She expects the repairs […]

Some electricity restored in Texas, but water woes grow

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Power was restored to more homes and businesses Thursday in states hit by a deadly blast of winter that overwhelmed the electrical grid and left millions shivering in the cold this week. But the crisis was far from over in parts of the South, where many people still lacked safe drinking […]

Governor Abbott provides update on Texas’ response to winter weather conditions

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin, February 18 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott yesterday provided an update on the state’s response to severe winter weather conditions and power outages throughout the state. The Governor discussed the weather forecast, response efforts to assist Texans in need, water quality, and other issues affecting communities across the state. […]

‘A complete bungle’: Texas’ energy pride goes out with cold

The Golden Hammer Staff and Associated Press Houston and Austin, February 17 – Anger over Texas’ power grid failing in the face of a record winter freeze mounted Tuesday as millions of residents in the energy capital of the U.S. remained shivering with no assurances that their electricity and heat — out for 36 hours […]

President Trump takes no responsibility for riot, visits Texas

ALAMO, Texas (AP) — President Donald Trump on Tuesday took no responsibility for fomenting a violent demonstration at the U.S. Capitol last week, despite his comments encouraging supporters to march on the Capitol and praise for them while they were still carrying out the assault. “People thought that what I said was totally appropriate,” President […]

Hundreds of GOP members sign onto Texas-led election lawsuit

HOUSTON (AP) — The Texas lawsuit asking the U.S. Supreme Court to invalidate President-elect Joe Biden’s victory has quickly become a conservative litmus test, as 106 members of Congress and multiple state attorneys general signed onto the case even as some have predicted it will fail. The last-gasp bid to subvert the results of the […]