Taxpayers Fight Back!

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer Taxpayers Fight Back! We’ve been taking it on the chin for too long a time. The Golden Hammer is not my newspaper and it was never Eric Yollick’s newspaper. It’s your newspaper. This newspaper has to be a source of information about what is really happening in government and politics. This […]

Freedom and Liberty Conservatives PAC announce “Taxpayers Fight Back” campaign during 2019-20 elections

Conroe, September 3 – The Freedom and Liberty Conservatives Political Action Committee (FLCPAC) has announced the “Taxpayers Fight Back” campaign which the group will sponsor during the elections from November, 2019, to November, 2020. “We’re not just sheep waiting to be shorn,” FLCPAC Board member Bill O’Sullivan commented. “‘Taxpayers Fight Back’ will be the theme […]