Bass, other residents send Woodlands Township Board second letter complaining about incorporation study process

The Woodlands, February 19 – On Sunday, February 17, 2019, former Woodlands Township Director and Road Utility District #1 District Mike Bass, along with 38 other residents of The Woodlands, sent a second letter to the Woodlands Township Board of Directors to complain about the Woodlands Incorporation Study process. In front of the letter, Bass […]

Guest Editorial: Woodlands Township Director John Brown discusses Board’s incorporation studies

John A. Brown, Guest Editorialist To put things in perspective, for almost two years, the Woodlands Township Board of Directors has been through over 15 special planning sessions, encompassing over 50 hours in public forum, 1 special-focused public forum, and over thousands of documents by consultants and legal counsel advice. Each special planning session there […]