Montgomery County Tax Office’s “Budget Highlights” mailed with tax statements misleading

Conroe, October 29 – On the anniversary of the stock market collapse in 1929 (October 29, 1929) and the centenary of the Communist “October Revolution” in Russia (October 25, 1917), it seems appropriate to discuss the Montgomery County Tax Office’s misleading “Budget Highlights” document (shown below at bottom of article), which Tax Assessor-Collector Tammy McRae […]

In Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s world, this guy is a “fiscal conservative”: Commissioners Court to hold public hearing on proposed tax rate for Fiscal Year 2018 on Tuesday, August 8, at conclusion of regular meeting

Image: 44th President B. Hussein Obama. Conroe, August 5 – In Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s world, B. Hussein Obama, the free-spending ultra-liberal 44th President of the United States, was a “fiscal conservative.” Please see full discussion below. August 8 “public hearing” The Montgomery County Commissioners Court will hold a public hearing on the proposed […]