Eagerly anticipating large pay day with engineering vendors, County Judge Doyal authors very different flood control resolution from penny-pinching Noack

Conroe, June 24 – Both Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 3 County Commissioner have authored flood control resolutions for the Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Commissioners Court meeting, but the two have taken very different approaches. The lame duck County Judge Doyal, whose ties to engineering vendors are much $tronger than any interest he’s […]

Heavy rain in forecast; will SJRA lower lake levels?

Conroe and Montgomery County, June 15 – The National Weather Service (NWS) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have forecast very heavy rain for Montgomery County and the Greater Houston area over the next several days. The prediction of the Weather Service calls for as much as ten (10) inches of rain over […]

SJRA, General Manager Houston seem serious about first steps “to provide flood control”

SJRA, General Manager Houston seem serious about first steps “to provide flood control”

Image: The jurisdiction of the San Jacinto River Authority is the watershed of the San Jacinto River outside of Harris County. SJRA has the duty “to provide flood control” for the entire San Jacinto River watershed. After pressure from the citizens of Montgomery County, citizens of Harris County, Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe), State Representative candidate […]

SJRA to reopen Lake Conroe at noon

Conroe, March 31 – The San Jacinto River Authority announced at 10:05 a.m. today, March 31, 2018, that it will reopen Lake Conroe to normal boat traffic at noon. SJRA had closed the lake yesterday, because SJRA had failed to release water from the lake prior to the storm which citizens in this area knew about […]

After Governor Abbott orders it to do so, San Jacinto River Authority finally agrees to fulfill its statutory duty “to provide flood control” (after only 83 years!)

Conroe, March 23 – The beleaguered citizens of the San Jacinto River watershed and its outfall have had to wait 83 years for the San Jacinto River Authority, created by the Texas Legislature in 1935, to begin to fulfill its primary statutory duty “to provide flood control.” After Governor Greg Abbott ordered the San Jacinto […]

Montgomery County Judge Doyal panders for Lake Conroe votes, attempts to stick Commissioners Court into SJRA business

Conroe, February 26 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal is pandering for votes with an offensive resolution “opposing efforts to force permanent lake level reductions at Lake Conroe, Montgomery County, Texas” that Doyal has placed on the February 27, 2018, Montgomery County Commissioners Court meeting agenda. Besides having the Commissioners Court stick its nose into […]

Embattled San Jacinto River Authority ignores state agency’s admonishment to study Lake Conroe sedimentation rates carefully

Conroe, February 2 – Despite admonishment from the Texas Water Development Board, the rogue San Jacinto River Authority (TWDB) has ignored the need to conduct careful studies of the sedimentation rate in Lake Conroe. The admonishment came in a 2012 study with the enticing title, “Volumetric and Sedimentation Survey of LAKE CONROE June – August […]

SJRA cheers dismissal of lawsuit against Sabine River Authority arising from March 2016 flood

Conroe, December 1 – San Jacinto River Authority (SJRA) General Manager Jace Houston lauded what he called “an excellent ruling” from the 163rd District Court of Orange County, Texas, which dismissed a flooding lawsuit against the Sabine River Authority (SRA), arising out of flooding in March, 2016, which Houston believes is very similar to the […]

San Jacinto River Authority’s $2 million engineering contract firm reveals ignorance of location of San Jacinto River watershed (area SJRA’s responsibility for flood control)

Conroe, October 19 – The engineer leading the Halff Associates, Inc.’s $2 million flooding study for the embattled San Jacinto River Authority (“SJRA”) revealed a frightening ignorance of the geographic location of the San Jacinto River watershed, the area of SJRA’s responsibility “to provide flood control” under its Enabling Act which created SJRA. “The San […]

Guest Editorial: Bob Bagley speaks out on the federal flood study the Commissioners Court voted to support

Bob Bagley, GUEST COLUMNIST I witnessed the Big Thompson Canyon Flood of 1976 in Colorado. After that flood warning devices were installed throughout the area. How many hurricanes and storms have caused flooding here since that time and what remediation has been accomplished? When we continue to do what we’ve always done, we continue to […]

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