Shenandoah Police arrest four Home Depot thieves

Shenandoah, February 11 – On February 7, 2018, the Shenandoah Police were dispatched to a suspicious person call at the Home Depot. Officers were informed that two shoplifters, Michael Castro and Misty Skiles, were inside the Home Depot committing thefts. The suspects were confronted in the parking lot by Shenandoah officers as the couple was […]

Secret deliberations mar Montgomery County Commissioners Court, City of Shenandoah, San Jacinto River Authority meetings

Secret deliberations mar Montgomery County Commissioners Court, City of Shenandoah, San Jacinto River Authority meetings

Conroe and Shenandoah, November 21 – Corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport once said, “We need to get rid of the Texas Open Meetings Act so we can start to get business done.” Davenport’s comment is the antithesis of the law in Texas, which clearly provides in Section 551.001 of the Texas Government Code (the […]

Guest Editorial: Progress in the City of Shenandoah

RENEE GLAZER, Shenandoah Resident Lately there have been several articles written in local newspapers concerning the employees and current city council members for the city of Shenandoah. These articles appear to be driven by past elected officials and a few citizens who remain unreasonably bitter about the most recent Shenandoah city council election. Since their […]

BREAKING NEWS: All 3 insurgent candidates win in Shenandoah City Council election

Shenandoah, May 6 – In what is undoubted a sign that citizens throughout Montgomery County are sick and tired of the political “establishment” and its arrogant tax-and-spend ways, all three insurgent candidates challenging the political “establishment” in the City of Shenandoah won their elections today. The election is a major rebuff to the incumbent City […]

Shenandoah Councilman Houston admits contract violates “at will” employment requirement for city administrators

Shenandoah, April 13 – At the conclusion of a fiery meeting in front of a large crowd of angry Shenandoah citizens, the Shenandoah City Council voted 3 to 2 to give City Administrator Greg Smith an employment contract with a “golden parachute” of two-years severance pay if the City terminates his employment without cause. Two […]

Shenandoah City Council planning to change city ordinances, ignore Texas Local Government Code, in order to give General Manager Smith a “golden parachute” employment agreement

Shenandoah, April 11 – The Shenandoah City Council is set to repeat the mistake of history in a special council meeting set for tomorrow, April 12, 2017, at 6:00 p.m., at the City of Shenandoah Municipal Complex, 29955 IH-45 North, Shenandoah, with the primary item on the agenda being to change city ordinances in order […]

Shenandoah City Council candidates engage in spirited debate

Shenandoah, April 6 – Candidates for the Shenandoah City Council Election, set for May 6, 2017, faced off in a spirited candidates’ forum this evening, which Bob Bagley of the Montgomery County Tea Party moderated. For Position 2, incumbents Jason Camara and Ted Fletcher attended. The incumbent failed to appear. For Position 3, Byron Bevers […]