Montgomery County’s leaders mirror overwhelming community support for President Trump’s position that Congress must fund the border wall to avoid December 21 government shutdown

Montgomery County’s leaders mirror overwhelming community support for President Trump’s position that Congress must fund the border wall to avoid December 21 government shutdown

Image: President Donald Trump (right) met with Representative Nancy Pelosi (left) in the Oval Office on December 11, 2018, with Vice President Mike Pence (center) observing. President Trump made clear to Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer (d-New York) that Congress must fund a border wall to stop illegal immigration or else the President would allow a […]

Trump threatens shutdown in wild encounter with Democrats

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a wild Oval Office confrontation, President Donald Trump heatedly threatened to shut down the U.S. government Tuesday as he and Democratic leaders bickered over funding for his promised border wall and offered a grim preview of life in Washington the next two years under divided government. Trump and House and Senate […]

Maybe Senator Chuck Schumer (d-New York) taught an important lesson – entitled the “Blasey Test” for government employee hiring – that will save taxpayers a lot of coin

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer When someone applies for a government job, it’s not a legal proceeding. It’s a fact-finding proceeding. It should be standard operating procedure to determine whether or not they get the job. That’s an excellent point, which United States Senator Chuck Schumer (d-New York) made in reference to the confirmation proceedings before […]

Top Democrat rescinds offer of $25 billion for Trump’s wall

WASHINGTON (AP) — Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer has pulled back an offer of $25 billion for President Donald Trump’s long-promised southern border wall, as lawmakers scrambled to figure out how to push a deal to protect 700,000 or more so-called Dreamer immigrants from deportation. Schumer had made the offer last Friday in a last-ditch […]

Senate talks fall short, Schumer shutdown extends into workweek

WASHINGTON (AP) — The government Schumer shutdown is set to sow more disruption and political peril Monday after the Senate inched closer but ultimately fell short of an agreement that would have reopened federal agencies before the beginning of the workweek. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said negotiations kept going […]

What happened at dinner? Trump, Dems don’t see eye to eye

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday denied an assertion by the Democratic leaders in Congress that they had an agreement to preserve protections for young immigrants living illegally in America and to bolster U.S.-Mexico border security, but without his coveted wall for now. “No deal was made last night on DACA,” Trump said […]

Trump threat: End health payments unless there’s an overhaul

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Saturday threatened once more to end required payments to insurance companies unless lawmakers repeal and replace the Obama-era health care law. In apparent frustration over Friday’s failure by the Senate Republican majority to pass a bill repealing parts of the Affordable Care Act, Trump tweeted: “If a new […]

Lawmakers urge Trump to avoid picking a partisan for FBI job

HOPE YEN, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — As President Donald Trump considers a replacement for fired FBI Director James Comey, lawmakers are urging the president to steer clear of appointing any politicians. The advice came Sunday amid more criticism over Trump’s dismissal of Comey during an FBI probe of Russia’s meddling with last year’s election […]

Lawmakers settle on $1T plan to avoid US gov’t shutdown

ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawmakers on Monday unveiled a huge $1 trillion-plus spending bill that would fund most government operations through September but would deny President Donald Trump money for a border wall and rejects his proposed cuts to popular domestic programs. The 1,665-page bill agreed to on Sunday is the product […]

Senate begins debate on Gorsuch, headed for showdown

ERICA WERNER, Associated Press MARY CLARE JALONICK, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats have secured the votes to block President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee under current rules, putting the Senate on a partisan collision course over confirming Neil Gorsuch to a lifetime appointment that could reverberate for decades. Debate over the 49-year-old appellate judge […]