Montgomery County Commissioners Court to hold another controversial “special meeting” after Risk Management Director resigns

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe, May 17 – The Montgomery County government’s poor management of internal service funds, which are the County government’s self-insurance fund, particularly for health insurance and liability claims, have finally resulted in the resignation of Risk Management Department Director Virginia Little. The issue will be the primary subject of a […]

Despite Riley’s reckless desire to spend $100K on third party administrative insurance services, Commissioners Court adopts, 3 to 1, measured approach, which Purchasing Director Jalomo suggests

Conroe, February 27 – Bless his little heart. Without Craig Doyal telling him what to do, Precinct 2 Montgomery County Commissioner Charlie Riley experienced complete befuddlement during a discussion in the Commissioners Court about whether to spend an extra $100,000 for the County government to hire a third party administrator for property and casualty claims. […]

Snafus snarl Montgomery County payroll, County Treasurer Bush snaps into action

Conroe, February 19 – If government acts (outside of law enforcement or national security), government usually does it badly. As a result, conscientious and reform-minded Montgomery County Treasurer Melanie Bush and her team in the County Treasurer’s Office have faced snarls in the County government payroll, as a result of the terrible systems and work […]

Montgomery County Risk Management Department mess intensifies with more managerial incompetence, Fitzgerald resignation

Conroe, April 22 – The Montgomery County government’s Risk Management Department, under County Judge Craig Doyal’s supervision, has been a mess ever since Doyal came into office and politicized that department along with every other group of County employees for whom he could do so. The problems of the Risk Management Department have surfaced again […]

Secret hiring, Doyal poison, lack of philosophical direction, terrible first decision give rough start to new Montgomery County Budget Director Carter

Secret hiring, Doyal poison, lack of philosophical direction, terrible first decision give rough start to new Montgomery County Budget Director Carter

Image: (Left to right) Pro-spending and elitist Montgomery County Auditor Phyllis Martin (known to many as the “Grand Duchess”) and anti-budget and ardent liberal Library Director Jerilynne Williams welcomed new Budget Office Director Amanda Carter into the Montgomery County government bureaucracy after the County Commissioners secretly voted to hire Carter and conducted a fake public […]

Unwinding the Animal Shelter Mess

Image: Cooking a gourmet meal requires care, attention, sound management, and team work. Conroe, April 17 – With two exceptions, what government does, it does poorly. If you wanted to plan, find the appropriate recipes, cook, and serve a gourmet meal, would you choose the following team to get the job done for you? Craig […]



Conroe, January 13, 2017 – A major scandal came to light on Friday, as some county officials attempted to downplay a giant asbestos containing materials (ACM) problem in the older original part of the Montgomery County Courthouse, located at 301 North Main Street in Conroe. The problems recently arose during a remodeling and attempted renovation […]