President Trump proclaims House memorandum vindicates him, shows partisan basis of Russia investigation

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Saturday claimed complete vindication from a congressional memo that alleges the FBI abused its surveillance powers during the investigation into his campaign’s possible Russia ties. But the memo also includes revelations that might complicate efforts by Trump and his allies to undermine special counsel Robert Mueller’s inquiry. The […]

Trump punts on question of who will win the Super Bowl

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is punting on the question of who will win the Super Bowl. The president was asked by reporters Friday if he had a prediction and took a pass. He says: “I better not get involved.” Trump is spending the weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. The New England […]

Trump: FBI, DOJ have ‘politicized’ probe in favor of Dems

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump, dogged by an unrelenting investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia, lashed out Friday at the FBI and Justice Department as politically biased as he prepared to clear the release of a classified memo written by Republican lawmakers who say it reveals abusive FBI surveillance tactics. His tweet came […]

Trump calls for optimism in spite of warnings of danger

WASHINGTON (AP) — Addressing a deeply divided nation, President Donald Trump summoned the country to a “new American moment” of unity in his first State of the Union, challenging Congress to make good on long-standing promises to fix a fractured immigration system and warning darkly of evil forces seeking to undermine America’s way of life. […]

Can Trump stick to a script beyond the State of the Union?

WASHINGTON (AP) — No natural orator, President Donald Trump has nonetheless shown at times that he can deliver a powerful speech that effectively outlines his vision, strikes an emotional chord and moves commentators to declare that he, at last, looks presidential. And then the teleprompter gets turned off. Time and again, Trump has followed up […]

Trump seeking to unite with State of the Union

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will look to unite the public behind his presidency with his first State of the Union address, arguing that his tax cut and economic policies will benefit all Americans. The theme of his Tuesday night address to Congress and the country is “Building a safe, strong and proud America,” […]

Trump plan would sharply change legal immigration

Washington, January 27 (AP) – President Donald Trump’s new immigration plan is stirring up controversy with its proposals on legal immigration. Much of the public debate to this point has been about young immigrants brought to this country as children illegally. But the plan’s potential impact on legal immigration has sparked fierce Democratic opposition and appears […]

Trump praises African leader after White House dustup

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — President Donald Trump sought to mend relations Friday with a key African leader in the aftermath of his controversial comments about African nations, praising the U.S. partnership with Rwanda along the sidelines of the annual World Economic Forum. Trump’s meeting with Rwandan President Paul Kagame came shortly after Trump drew widespread […]

Trump declares America open for business under his tenure

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Declaring that America is open for business under his leadership, President Donald Trump planned to tell a gathering of political and business elites on Friday that the economic growth taking place in the U.S. due to his “America first” agenda also benefits the rest of the world. Trump said in excerpts […]

Trump ‘looking forward’ to being questioned under oath

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump declared he’s “looking forward” to being questioned — under oath — in the special counsel’s probe of Russian election interference and Trump’s possible obstruction in the firing of the FBI director. Trump said he would be willing to answer questions under oath in the interview, which special counsel Robert […]