What will the future bring, based upon Georgia vote for U.S. Senate?

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Atlanta and Washington, D.C., January 6 – Yesterday, Georgia voters elected two United States Senators. With Republicans holding 50 Senate seats and Democrats holding 48, and with Democrat Kamala Harris likely to serve as Vice President and the President of the Senate to break any ties, the significance of the […]

President Trump raises China concerns as reason to veto defense bill

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump offered a new rationale Sunday for threatening to veto the annual defense policy bill that covers the military’s budget for equipment and pay raises for service members: China. He did not outline his concerns. Republican and Democratic lawmakers say the wide-ranging defense policy bill, which the Senate sent to the president […]

Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe): Policy Rocket of the Texas Senate

Austin and Conroe, May 29 – What’s the opposite of “furniture”? “Anti-furniture”? “Perpetual motion machine”? “Fusion reactor”? Texas Senator Brandon Creighton is the “Policy Rocket” of the Texas Senate. His productivity during the 86th Texas Legislature has been off the charts and in the stratosphere. All Texans should feel gratitude for Senator Creighton’s remarkable work […]