It’s Hammer Time at 12 noon: A discussion of “unhinged” playground physics applied to Conroe ISD’s crazed $676 million bond, then Woodlands Township candidate Andy Dubois

Montgomery County, August 16 – “It’s Hammer Time,” the popular Facebook Live and YouTube show at MCP.TV airing at 12 noon today, Friday, August 16, 2019, will first include a discussion of “unhinged” playground physics applied, of course, to the Conroe Independent School District’s crazed $676 million bond set for a voter referendum on November 5, […]

Stephen Hawking: ‘His laboratory was the universe’

 WASHINGTON (AP) — Everyone knew of Stephen Hawking’s cosmic brilliance, but few could comprehend it. Not even top-notch astronomers. Hawking, who died at his home in Cambridge, England, on Wednesday at age 76, became the public face of science genius. He appeared on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “The Big Bang Theory,” voiced himself […]

Nobel prize cites finding of ripples in fabric of universe

STOCKHOLM (AP) — The Nobel Physics Prize 2017 has been awarded to three scientists for their roles in detecting faint ripples flying through the universe called gravitational waves — proof of a theory developed by Albert Einstein a century ago and that scientists say fundamentally alters our understanding of the universe. Sweden’s Royal Academy of […]