BREAKING NEWS: PLEASE KEEP THIS MATTER SECRET (!): Montgomery County government to pay time-and-a-half for lunch hours to settle East Montgomery County Senior Center employees’ overtime claims

THIS ARTICLE IS HIGHLY SECRET, AS THAT’S HOW THE MONTGOMERY COUNTY GOVERNMENT OPERATES. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ANYONE! Conroe, April 13 – Two independent sources inside the Montgomery County government’s Sadler Administration Building in downtown Conroe (one in the County Attorney’s Office and one in the Human Resources Department) have confirmed this morning to The Golden […]


New Caney, January 20 – Three employees of the East Montgomery County Senior Center have initiated an internal complaint with the County government and claimed that they have been shorted overtime payments for two years. The Center’s Facility Coordinator Rhonda Behnken and her two assistants contend that they have turned in hours for approximately two […]