Representative King seeks to protect river authorities, such as SJRA, in dark shadows, with House Bill 3933

Austin, March 22 – State Representative Tracy King, an environmentalist who is one of the most grave enemies of private property rights in Texas, introduced House Bill 3933 on Thursday, March 11, 2021. The legislation would remove all river authorities, including the scofflaw San Jacinto River  Authority (SJRA), from all “sunset” review by the Texas […]

Congressman Brady, Railroad Commissioner Craddick, Wilkerson draw 64 people for fake “Republican Party” GOTV event

Congressman Brady, Railroad Commissioner Craddick, Wilkerson draw 64 people for fake “Republican Party” GOTV event

Image: Wally Wilkerson, who now heads up a fake organization called “Montgomery County Republican Party of Texas,” a misnomer intended to cause confusion with the real Montgomery County Republican Party and the statewide Republican Party of Texas, addressed 64 people who attended his event in the San Jacinto Room of the Lone Star Convention Center […]

BREAKING NEWS! Area legislators deliver letter to LSGCD urging delay in adoption of regulatory “management plan” until after November 6 election of a citizen Board

BREAKING NEWS! Conroe, September 10 – Three highly-respected members of the Texas Legislature provided a letter to the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (LSGCD) today urging the Board to delay adoption of a “management plan” for the regulation of groundwater until after the November, 2018, election when a citizen-elected Board […]

Texas Senate names Senator Nichols President Pro Tempore

Austin — On Monday, the 85th Legislative Session came to a close. We all rest a bit easier as a result of the end of the Legislative Session, except for the fact that there was a complete failure to pass any meaningful ad valorem property taxation reform. Of course the real tax reform will only […]

Mr. Clark goes to Austin

Austin, March 6 – Montgomery County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jim Clark is traveling to the Austin State Capitol for four days to meet with the Texas Legislature for property tax relief and other issues important to East Montgomery County as well as the County as a whole. Clark intends to meet with representatives from Montgomery […]

House GOP hails health plan that Democrats call inadequate 

ERIC YOLLICK, The Golden Hammer, and ALAN FRAM, Associated Press WASHINGTON — The House Republican health care law plan to replace the Obamacare failure resembles the original provisions of two great healthcare geniuses: President Ronald Reagan and United States Senator Don Nichols, Republican of Oklahoma. Reagan and Nichols were the primary authors of the original version […]