Magnolia ISD Trustee Baker hypocritically attacks whistleblower Russell’s right to fight for freedom

Magnolia ISD Trustee Baker hypocritically attacks whistleblower Russell’s right to fight for freedom

Image: Longtime conservative Republican political activist Ginger Russell of Magnolia. The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Magnolia, July 19 – Magnolia Independent School District (Magnolia ISD) Trustee Kristi Baker, a leftist who has supported the teaching of racist “critical race theory” and the Marxist International Baccalaureate program inside Magnolia public schools, attacked longtime conservative Republican political […]

General government contrasted with law enforcement: the Great Philosophical Divide projects the divide between the negatives and the positives

Conroe, October 6 – A reader asked why The Golden Hammer, Montgomery County’s leading daily newspaper is sometimes so very negative and sometimes so very positive. The answer is the Great Philosophical Divide: there are some functions that government is great at accomplishing while there are other functions at which government is just plain terrible. That’s […]

What Romans 13 in our Post-Enlightenment Society tells us about Montgomery County government salaries (Part 2 of 3)

Image: Artist’s rendering of the Apostle Paul of Tarsus, the author of the epistles to the Romans. Conroe, September 23 – Montgomery County government salaries are completely out-of-control. If there’s anything that symbolizes the terribly poor and reckless job the County Commissioners Court has done in regulating government spending, it’s their own salaries as well […]

Montgomery County didn’t originate political name-calling

Conroe, March 9 – In recent months, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal’s “chief of staff” jim fredricks, who posed under the pseudonym “Yizguy” regularly referred to Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack as “little Jimmy” apparently in reference to his height and The Golden Hammer‘s Publisher as “E.T.” apparently in reference to his appearance. Former Animal […]

Nation Celebrates Presidents Day Holiday

Conroe, February 20 – The United States of America celebrates Presidents Day, a national holiday, today. This nation has had some really great presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan, to name a few. We’ve had some very entertaining presidents: Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft. We’ve […]