Congress takes on immigration issue amid election pressures

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate begins a rare, open-ended debate on immigration and the fate of the “Dreamer” immigrants on Monday, and Republican senators say they’ll introduce President Donald Trump’s plan. Though his proposal has no chance of passage, Trump may be the most influential voice in the conversation. If the aim is to pass […]

Trump continues to cast some immigrants as criminals

WASHINGTON (AP) — Making his case for tighter border security, President Donald Trump has repeatedly linked immigration to criminality, highlighting immigrant gang violence, calling family reunification a national security threat and bemoaning the death of a pro football player involved in a car accident with a man living in the country illegally. Speaking to law […]

Trump plan would sharply change legal immigration

Washington, January 27 (AP) – President Donald Trump’s new immigration plan is stirring up controversy with its proposals on legal immigration. Much of the public debate to this point has been about young immigrants brought to this country as children illegally. But the plan’s potential impact on legal immigration has sparked fierce Democratic opposition and appears […]

Trump insists his views on a border wall have not ‘evolved’

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump insisted Thursday his views on a border wall with Mexico have not evolved, pushing back against his own chief of staff’s comments to lawmakers. Trump said on Twitter: “The Wall is the Wall, it has never changed or evolved from the first day I conceived of it.” Some Democrats […]

Trump goes after the Dem who surfaced his immigration remark

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — President Donald Trump turned his Twitter torment Monday on the Democrat in the room where immigration talks with lawmakers took a famously coarse turn, saying Sen. Dick Durbin misrepresented what he had said about African nations and Haiti and, in the process, undermined the trust needed to make a […]

World media struggle to translate Trump’s Africa insult

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — President Donald Trump’s vulgar insult of Africa was a puzzle for many foreign media organizations, which didn’t have a ready translation of his epithet for their readers or listeners. Their answers ranged from “dirty” to, well, dirtier. While meeting with senators on immigration, Trump questioned why the United States would accept […]

Lawmakers seek deal on immigration, border security

WASHINGTON (AP) — Bargainers seeking a bipartisan immigration accord planned talks as soon as Wednesday as President Donald Trump and leading lawmakers sought to parlay an extraordinary White House meeting into momentum for resolving a politically blistering issue. Facing a Jan. 19 deadline for averting an election-year government shutdown, negotiators were seeking a formula for […]

Divided democrats face liberal backlash on immigration

WASHINGTON (AP) — With a new deadline fast approaching, Democrats in Congress are struggling to adopt a unified strategy to protect hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation. Their inaction has enraged liberal activists across the country, who have shifted their anger in recent days from Republicans who control Congress to Democrats seeking to […]

White House aims to sway opinion on immigration overhaul

BC-US–Trump-Immigration,5th Ld-Writethru Dec 14, 2017 9:10PM (GMT 03:10) – 982 words By ZEKE MILLER and JILL COLVIN ,  Associated Press Eds: Refreshes summary. With AP Photos. WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is embarking on a major campaign to turn public opinion against the nation’s largely family-based immigration system ahead of an all-out push next […]

AG Ken Paxton to Woodlands Republican Women: “We’re in a war against the president having the power to rewrite the law”

The Woodlands, November 9 – Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told the Woodlands Republican Women on November 8, 2017, in reference to the Obama administration’s efforts to expand federal power, “We’re in a war against the president having the power to rewrite the law.” Paxton described several cases his office handled in which Paxton, as […]