With an intelligent leader willing to acknowledge his mistakes, the Sheriff’s Office has a strong possibility – but not a certainty – to recover from the Davenport era

Conroe, April 29 – The past two months have been terrible for Sheriff Rand Henderson and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Here’s the tragic timeline since the end of February, 2018: Wednesday, February 21 – Sheriff Henderson ended his political connections to corrupt local political boss Marc Davenport, the head of the Davenport Ring, after […]

BREAKING NEWS! Sheriff appoints two Captains

BREAKING NEWS!   Late Wednesday, April 24, 2018, Sheriff Henderson decided upon two major appointments as part of the shakeup in his office. First, Captain Allison Allen, who has been the head of the Woodlands Patrol Division, will move to become Captain of the Executive Division of the Sheriff’s Office which includes administration, internal affairs, […]

Citizen activism, and the appropriate servant response from Commissioner Noack, helped to untangle the Animal Shelter mess a year ago; lessons learned

Conroe, September 24 – A year ago, the Montgomery County Animal Shelter remained in crisis. Citizen activism – and the appropriate servant response from Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack – helped to untangle the crisis and put the Shelter on a far better track. The crisis reached its zenith during Labor Day weekend in […]