President Trump, grassroots conservative reformers helping Republican Party enjoy wave of populist sentiment, per Gallup Organization

WASHINGTON, D.C., and MONTGOMERY COUNTY, TEXAS — Americans are slightly more inclined to believe the Republican Party would do a better job than the Democratic Party at both keeping the U.S. secure from external threats, and keeping the country prosperous. The GOP holds a six-percentage-point advantage on security, 47% to 41%, and a five-point edge […]

What the Dickey victory means to the Texas Republican Party

Conroe and San Antonio, June 18 – A tidal wave of reform has swept the Republican Party of Texas and the Montgomery County Republican Party. The real ombudsman of “unity” is the Republican Party Platform that defines for what Republicans stand. Nevertheless, it’s precisely the Platform that the political “establishment” has always fought. The political […]

Editorial: After absolutely terrific elections (March 6 and May 22), it’s time for grassroots conservatives to move forward

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer There are a lot of great things going on for grassroots conservatives in Montgomery County and throughout Texas. In Montgomery County, easily one of the most corrupt county governments in all of Texas, if not the most corrupt, there have been a lot of positive changes. In 2017, thanks to the great […]