Spain, Germany battle wildfires amid unusual heat wave

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — Firefighters in Spain and Germany struggled to contain wildfires on Sunday amid an unusual heat wave in Western Europe for this time of year. The worst damage in Spain has been in the northwest province of Zamora where over 25,000 hectares (61,000 acres) have been consumed, regional authorities said, while German […]

US and Germany agree to supply advanced weapons to Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — The U.S. and Germany pledged on Wednesday to equip Ukraine with some of the advanced weapons it has long desired for shooting down aircraft and knocking out artillery, as Russian forces closed in on capturing a key city in the east. Germany said it will supply Ukraine with up-to-date anti-aircraft missiles […]

Wall Street reels, then recovers after invasion of Ukraine

NEW YORK (AP) — Markets shuddered Thursday and then swung wildly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatened to push the high inflation squeezing the global economy even higher. Initially, stocks tumbled as prices surged for oil, wheat and other commodities on worries the conflict would disrupt global supplies. But the moves moderated as the day progressed, particularly […]

Editorial: Thank you for explaining to me how the German people could all follow the Nazis

Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer In the tenth grade in high school, I took a required 2-week course on “The Holocaust.” We studied how the Nazis rose to power in Germany under Adolf Hitler’s leadership, how they won elections, and how they ultimately transformed the nation into a fascist dictatorship where they imposed a genocide […]

Germany’s Merkel at farewell ceremony: Don’t tolerate hate

BERLIN (AP) — Outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Germans to stand up to hatred, at a military ceremony Thursday bidding her farewell after 16 years in office. Merkel was honored with a traditional military musical performance and march in front of almost all the country’s political elite — save for the far-right Alternative for […]

German parties say deal ready for new coalition government

BERLIN (AP) — The three parties negotiating to form Germany’s next government will finalize and present their coalition agreement Wednesday, two of the prospective partners said. The deal paves the way for center-left leader Olaf Scholz to replace longtime Chancellor Angela Merkel in the coming weeks. The center-left Social Democrats have been negotiating with the […]

Germany cancels Oktoberfest for 2nd year over virus fears

BERLIN (AP) — Bavarian officials on Monday canceled Oktoberfest festivities for a second year in a row due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, saying there are too many risks in hosting the celebrations — which bring in visitors from around the world — during a global pandemic. Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder said it […]

UK, France Germany blame Iran for Saudi oil attacks

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Britain, France and Germany joined the United States on Monday in blaming Iran for attacks on key oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, but the Iranian foreign minister pointed to claims of responsibility by Yemeni rebels and said: “If Iran were behind this attack, nothing would have been left of this refinery.” […]

‘I want snow for Christmas:’ Students demand climate action

BERLIN (AP) — Thousands of students skipped school Friday to take to the streets of the German capital as part of a growing worldwide youth movement urging governments to take faster action against climate change. Carrying signs with slogans like “I want snow for Christmas” and “The climate is changing, why aren’t we?” the demonstrators […]

No bromance: Merkel gets much smaller platform on US visit

BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel is heading to Washington with the same message French President Emmanuel Macron delivered only days earlier: that America and Europe need to bury the hatchet on key issues, from global trade to international security. Yet despite Macron’s and Merkel’s efforts to portray a united European front, the optics […]