Texas death toll from February storm, outages surpasses 100

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas officials on Thursday raised the death toll from February’s winter storm and blackouts to at least 111 people — nearly doubling the state’s initial tally following one of the worst power outages in U.S. history. The frigid weather also was blamed for dozens of more deaths across other Southern states […]

BREAKING NEWS! Five Electrical “Reliability” Council of Texas board members resign, Governor Abbott welcomes resignations

BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin, February 23 – Electrical “Reliability” Council of Texas (ERCOT) Chairman Sally Talberg of Michigan has resigned from the Board of Directors of the organization, which has received substantial blame for the power blackouts occurring during the winter storm last week in Texas, according to a filing by […]

Guest Editorial: Alvin Barksdale, It’s time to quit kidding ourselves about Texas’ power grid failure; it’s all about money

Alvin Barksdale, Jr., Guest Editorialist to The Golden Hammer The colossal failure of the Texas power grid is not a “green power failure, as wind power only accounts for about ten percent (10%) of the State’s power. The remaining ninety percent (90%) of Texas’ power comes from natural gas and coal. Natural gas and coal are […]

‘A complete bungle’: Texas’ energy pride goes out with cold

The Golden Hammer Staff and Associated Press Houston and Austin, February 17 – Anger over Texas’ power grid failing in the face of a record winter freeze mounted Tuesday as millions of residents in the energy capital of the U.S. remained shivering with no assurances that their electricity and heat — out for 36 hours […]