Perils of the People with Lame Duck Doyal, Part 2: $pending $25 Million on Enterpri$e Re$ource Planning

Perils of the People with Lame Duck Doyal, Part 2: $pending $25 Million on Enterpri$e Re$ource Planning

Image: A meeting of the Montgomery County government’s Enterprise Resource Planning working group. The victim is a “citizen.” Conroe, March 13 – Because Montgomery County voters effectively elect their candidates in the Republican Primary Election, this community faces the peril of lame duck elected officials who stay in office for more than nine full months […]

Montgomery County Treasurer Davenport fails to address upcoming ERP spending debacle

Conroe, January 21 – With the Montgomery County government planning to spend between sixteen and twenty-five million dollars ($16-25 million!!!) on an Enterprise Resource Planning (“ERP”) system, one might hope that the Montgomery County Treasurer, Stephanne Davenport, who is one of the two people overseeing the project, might have some idea of its actual cost and […]

Montgomery County Auditor Martin spurs Commissioners Court to spring $25,000 for fancy office for temporary committee meetings

Conroe, December 17 – County Auditor Phyllis Martin’s double-speak convinced the Montgomery County Commissioners Court to spend $25,000 on an office-space buildout on the third floor of the Sadler Administration Building the need for which is entirely unclear at the present time. While the purpose of the office space would be to provide work space […]

Montgomery County Judge Doyal, Commissioner Riley, and their money spending crew have many nightmares in store for taxpayers

Conroe, May 12 – The May 9, 2017, Montgomery Commissioners Court meeting revealed the willingness of County Judge Craig Doyal and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley to spend money on just about anything. The spending nightmares they’re planning for taxpayers in the near future will likely meet Doyal’s stated goal of doubling the County […]