Editorial: Texas House Democrats seek to overturn United States Constitution

Editorial: Texas House Democrats seek to overturn United States Constitution

Image: John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton wrote The Federalist Papers, which argued in favor of ratification of the United States Constitution and explained its meaning. Kelli Ann Cox, Publisher, and Eric Yollick, Editor-in-Chief, The Golden Hammer Anyone who has studied the history of the United States Constitution has learned that it was the result of […]

Warnock, Loeffler work to consolidate Georgia voters for runoff

ATLANTA (AP) — When Georgia Republican Kelly Loeffler and Democrat Raphael Warnock advanced to the Jan. 5 U.S. Senate runoff, they faced the immediate challenge of winning over the 2 million voters who chose one of the 18 other candidates in November’s election. Polls show they have largely succeeded, and that could give Loeffler, the […]

Commissioner Noack questions election integrity during Commissioner Court meeting

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Conroe, November 20 – After a cluster of runoff elections with questionable results in Montgomery County, one County Commissioner finally raised the issue of ballot and voting integrity in County elections, while conservatives watch in amazement as liberal-leaning election officials seem across the Nation to have shifted electoral results away […]

Election splits Congress, GOP bolstered as Democrats falter

WASHINGTON (AP) — The election scrambled seats in the House and Senate but ultimately left Congress much like it began, deeply split as voters resisted big changes despite the heated race at the top of the ticket for the White House. It’s an outcome that dampens Democratic demands for a bold new agenda, emboldens Republicans and almost […]

President Trump makes inroads with Latinos in key states

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. presidential election highlighted sharply different views on the ongoing public health crisis, a stubborn economic downturn and racial inequality. But it also showed that candidates can’t always take traditional supporters for granted, according to AP VoteCast, a national survey of the electorate. A majority of Latino voters largely supported Democrat […]

Guest Editorialist Nick Vonas: The Case for Electing Appraisal District Officials

Publisher’s Note: Nick Vonas’ excellent Guest Editorial is very timely, as local political activists are currently working with State Representative Steve Toth, Republican of Conroe, on legislation to require election of the policy-mkaing Montgomery Central Appraisal District Board of Directors. Guest Writer Nick Vonas’ Introductory Comment: The Golden Hammer has been an integral part of […]

Ugly recent history of voter fraud by mail-in ballots justifies Texas AG Paxton’s opposition to mass use

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin and Houston, September 14 – Given the ugly recent history of voter fraud in several elections statewide across Texas, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s efforts to prevent the mass use of mail-in ballots certainly seems justified. A recent study by the Washington, D.C., “think tank,” the Heritage Foundation found […]

High court under leadership of Chief Justice Robert and other liberals: Rhode Island mail-in voters don’t need witnesses

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday left in place an agreement that allows Rhode Island residents to vote by mail through November’s general election without getting signatures from two witnesses or a notary. State officials had agreed to suspend the witness requirement because of the coronavirus pandemic. They have said that fulfilling […]

Happy 2020 from The Golden Hammer!

Happy 2020 from The Golden Hammer!

Kelli Cook, Publisher, The Golden Hammer Happy New Year from The Golden Hammer! 2020 is an important year nationally and locally for Montgomery County. Our rejuvenated Republican Party delivered 42% of United States Senator Ted Cruz’s winning margin in 2018. That remarkable feat has placed us in the epicenter for Republicans to win Texas and keep the […]

Photo of sick boy on floor roils British election campaign

LONDON (AP) — A photo of a sick boy sleeping on a hospital floor because no beds were available has become one of the defining images of Britain’s bruising election campaign. It forced Prime Minister Boris Johnson onto the defensive and ignited a fierce online debate over whether it was real or fake. The boy, […]