Lambright Employees’ Comments About “Ice in the Slime Machine” Display Terrible Anti-Citizen Office Culture He’s Engendered

Conroe, January 5 – Written comments of several employees from within County Attorney J.D. Lambright’s Office about The Golden Hammer’s article “Ice in the Slime Machine” (February 2, 2017) put on public display the terribly anti-citizen office culture Lambright has engendered among the County employees under his supervision. When one shakes a tree, some leaves […]

Orwellian Times: Doyal Calls for Higher County Government Spending, Seeks to Pare Down Noack’s Proposed Homestead Exemption

Conroe, February 1 – County Judge Craig Doyal called for higher County government spending and proposed reducing Precinct Three County Commissioner James Noack’s proposed homestead exemption to five percent (5%) of a home’s value. Clearly, Noack’s proposed twenty percent (20%) homestead, the rate which Texas law permits and which many counties in Texas have imposed […]

Avoid the Icebergs Pretending to be “Rising Tides”

This community needs to recognize that the citizens must become very, very active and vigilant towards our elected officials and other leaders. County government spending has grown to massive proportions since 2000. During the last couple of years, the growth in Montgomery County spending is so out of control that it’s apparent that even our […]

BREAKING NEWS: Noack Calls for County Homestead Exemption

BREAKING NEWS: Noack Calls for County Homestead Exemption

The Woodlands, January 30 – Precinct 3 County Commissioner James Noack has asked Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector Tammy McRae to perform an analysis of the impact of a general homestead exemption on both the taxpayers of Montgomery County and the County budget. Noack has submitted to the County Judge’s Office an agenda item for the […]

Bagley Announces Candidacy for Precinct 4 Commissioner, Pledges to Donate $100,000 of Salary Per Year If Elected

New Caney, January 24 – Bob Bagley, current Hospital District Board member, veteran and local grassroots activist, announced his candidacy for County Commissioner of Precinct 4 in the Republican Primary Election in March, 2018. Bagley will face incumbent County Commissioner Jim Clark. There are also rumors that Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace James Metts […]

THE GOLDEN HAMMER’S JANUARY 24, 2017 COMMISSIONERS COURT RATINGS: Commissioners Pass Ethics Policy Under Tx-DOT Threat of Funding Withdrawal!

Conroe, January 28 – The Golden Hammer released Commissioners Court ratings for the January 24, 2017, meeting, with cumulative scores as well for the Fiscal Year 2017 reporting period. Points are good. COMMISSIONERS COURT MEETING JANUARY 24, 2017, 9:30 A.M. (Judge Doyal and Commissioners, Meador, Noack, Riley, and Clark were present.) The Consent Agenda was […]

Newspaper Death Watch Marches On

  Conroe, January 21 – Traditional newspapers are dying for two primary reasons. First, many of the newspapers hide the truth and have taken on a liberal pro-government bias of which citizens are sick and tired. Second, the quality of the reporting and investigative journalism has deteriorated to terrible levels. Many newspapers now just report […]

President Trump’s Inaugural Speech Echoes in Montgomery County

January 20, 2017 – President Donald J. Trump’s Inaugural Address was remarkable for it brevity, but more importantly, for the message the 45th President extended to the hearts of every American citizen. The basic theme follows: “For too long, a small group in our nation’s Capital has reaped the rewards of government while the people […]


Conroe, December 20 – Eric Yollick, a private citizen and Publisher of The Golden Hammer, announced at the final Commissioners Court meeting of 2016 that he was forming a Citizens Budget Committee (CBC) to prepare a proposed budget for Montgomery County for Fiscal Year 2018. “You have failed to address spending problems and you’ve mostly […]