Zero-based budgeting for the Montgomery County government: a brief workshop in how it works

Conroe, April 30 – It’s important for the Montgomery County government and its Department directors, in particular, to understand what “zero-based budgeting” is and how it works. Obviously, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal doesn’t understand it. That’s because he’s never tried to learn about the budgeting method, even when citizens have offered to teach the methodology […]

Unwinding the Animal Shelter Mess

Image: Cooking a gourmet meal requires care, attention, sound management, and team work. Conroe, April 17 – With two exceptions, what government does, it does poorly. If you wanted to plan, find the appropriate recipes, cook, and serve a gourmet meal, would you choose the following team to get the job done for you? Craig […]

Lessons for Montgomery County Spending Reform: why President Trump’s proposed budget lacks the moral authority spending reductions so desperately need

Conroe and Washington, D.C., March 19 – The moral problems that President Donald Trump’s Fiscal Year 2018 Budget has for his vision for the federal government should teach those supporting substantial spending reductions in Montgomery County an important lesson: you must cut spending with moral authority. When it comes to spending reductions and budget-cutting, what […]


Conroe, January 13 – In an email among the legal fund contributors to County Judge Craig Doyal’s criminal defense fund – engineers Halff Associates, Inc., engineers Binkley & Barfield, real estate developer Rick Sheldon, engineer Mike Weaver, and political consultant Peter Peters – they discussed that Craig Doyal will be “looking for blood in the […]