Custodial Director Lorena Garcia snubs Citizens Budget Committee’s invitation to meet with her after she criticized the Committee for not meeting with her in 2017

Conroe, June 6 – The Citizens Budget Committee has invited the Montgomery County Department heads of sixteen County Departments to come before the Committee’s meeting on Wednesday, June 6, 2018, at 5:30 p.m., at 112 Academy Drive, in Conroe, to explain their budget proposals. One interesting Department Director, Lorena Garcia, the Wayne Mack protege who […]

Citizens Budget Committee adopts Fiscal Year 2019 goal of $20 million in Montgomery County government spending reductions with $4 million increase in law enforcement funding

Citizens Budget Committee adopts Fiscal Year 2019 goal of $20 million in Montgomery County government spending reductions with $4 million increase in law enforcement funding

Image: Five of the Citizens Budget Committee members, from left to right, Ginger Russell (Republican Precinct Chair, education expert, known as the Quiet Lady From Magnolia), Bob Bagley (Montgomery County Hospital District Board member, conservative activist), Kelli Cook (Campaign for Liberty Gulf Coast Regional Chair, policy wonk), Bill O’Sullivan (The Sage, Texas Patriots PAC Treasurer, […]

Congratulations to Charlie Riley, James Metts; now, can we please reduce spending and bring ethics reform to Montgomery County? (Plus some very sad news at the end of this article)

Eric Yollick, The Golden Hammer Congratulations to Precinct 2 County Commissioner Charlie Riley on his winning the Republican nomination for re-election to his position. Riley should easily win the November General Election as long as Republicans turn out to vote, which seems likely. Congratulations to Precinct 4 County Commissioner-Elect James Meets on his winning the Republican […]

Citizens Budget Committee presents salary survey to Montgomery County Commissioners Court during May 8 meeting

Conroe, May 10 – The Citizens Budget Committee, composed of eleven grassroots conservative citizens who have invested enormous time into studying the Montgomery County government budget, presented a Salary Survey to the Montgomery County Commissioners Court on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, during the regular meeting. The Salary Survey is a 7-page report the entirety of […]

Doyal seeks to ensure County spending after he’s gone with secretive hiring of Montgomery County Budget Director along with more than $300K of spending

Conroe, March 19 – In two secret Executive Sessions, outside of the permitted actions in such meetings under the Texas Open Meetings Act, Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal has led the Commissioners Court to hire a Budget Director to head up a new County bureaucracy under the name of the “Budget Office.” The citizens of […]

Doyal, Martin strenuously seek to exclude public participation in budget process

Conroe, August 27 – Montgomery County Judge Craig Doyal and County Auditor Phyllis Martin have taken some unusual steps to exclude the public from participating in the County budget process. The so-called “public hearings” that the Commissioners Court conducted on August 8 and August 22, 2017, shouldn’t fool anyone; they weren’t really public hearings, because […]

Adrian Heath’s return overshadows Supreme Court Justice Devine’s speech to Montgomery County Eagle Forum

Conroe, August 4 – Montgomery County Eagle Forum had a special meeting on Thursday, August 3, 2017, in Conroe. Local hero Adrian Heath returned to the community after a six-month political imprisonment in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division. Heath’s brief presentation overshadowed the presentation of Republican Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine […]

Doyal’s “budget office” proposal fraught with perils

Doyal’s “budget office” proposal fraught with perils

Image: The Budget Office of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is little more than a political tool for the government to attempt to fool the citizens into believing that the government’s officials care about their use of public funds. Sadly, Montgomery County’s “budget office” appears headed towards the same pattern. Conroe, August 2 – There […]

Comparison Chart: Montgomery County Budget – Current, Citizens Budget Committee Proposal, Commissioners Court Tentatively Adopted Budget

Conroe, July 30 – Numerous readers have asked for a complete comparison chart of the current Fiscal Year 2017 County Budget, the Citizens Budget Committee recommended Fiscal Year 2018 Budget, and the tentatively adopted Fiscal Year 2018 Budget as the Commissioners Court actually adopted it. The comparison follows. The middle column is the Citizens Budget […]