BREAKING NEWS! United States sues Texas over treatment of illegal aliens with China Virus; Governor Abbott, AG Paxton ready to fight back

BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin and El Paso, July 30 – The federal government filed suit against the State of Texas and Governor Greg Abbott late this afternoon in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas, El Paso Division, over Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s Executive Order not to […]

MAJOR EXCLUSIVE: Governor Abbott, AG Paxton fire back at U.S. Attorney General Garland’s response to Texas’ Executive Order GA-37 restricting transportation of illegal aliens infected with China Virus

The Golden Hammer Staff Reports Austin, July 30 – Texas Governor Greg Abbott yesterday (Thursday, July 29, 2021) issued a statement responding to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s letter regarding Executive Order GA-37, which restricts the transportation of unlawful migrants in Texas due to COVID-19. “It is clear that the Biden Administration fundamentally misunderstands what […]

BREAKING NEWS! The Golden Hammer Exclusive: AG Paxton successfully prevents City of Austin from mandating employee vaccinations

BREAKING NEWS! (The Golden Hammer Exclusive) Ashley Burke, Austin Bureau Chief, The Golden Hammer Austin, July 30 – Attorney General Ken Paxton successfully prevented City of Austin Mayor Stephen Adler from mandating that all City employees have the China Virus vaccine. Adler posted on social media is intention to require all City government employees to obtain […]

After year of destruction of lives, jobs, families, incomes, Montgomery County Commissioners Court, elected officials reward themselves with 5% pay raise

After year of destruction of lives, jobs, families, incomes, Montgomery County Commissioners Court, elected officials reward themselves with 5% pay raise

Image: The Montgomery County Commissioners Court decision to reward themselves five percent (5%) across-the-board pay raises for all County government employees amounts to nothing short of treason, after more than a year of the government’s destruction of lives, jobs, families, and incomes among the private citizens who suffer the local tax burden. The Golden Hammer […]

Fed’s Powell downplays delta variant’s threat to the economy

WASHINGTON (AP) — The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant is raising infections, leading some companies and governments to require vaccinations and raising concerns about the U.S. economic recovery. But on Wednesday, Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell injected a note of reassurance, suggesting that the delta variant poses little threat to the economy, at least […]

AP FACT CHECK: Biden lies about assurances on vaccines

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden offered an absolute guarantee Wednesday that people who get their COVID-19 vaccines are completely protected from infection, sickness and death from the coronavirus. The reality is not that cut and dried. “Breakthrough” infections do occur and the delta variant driving cases among the unvaccinated in the U.S. is not fully […]

Schools confront more polarization with mask rules for fall

Wichita, Kansas (AP), July 21 – Students in Wichita, Kansas, public schools can ditch the masks when classes begin. Detroit public schools will probably require them unless everyone in a room is vaccinated. In Pittsburgh, masks will likely be required regardless of vaccination status. And in some states, schools cannot mandate face coverings under any […]

Stocks skid as China Virus fears shake markets; Dow falls 2.1%

NEW YORK (AP) — Resurgent pandemic worries knocked stocks lower from Wall Street to Tokyo on Monday, fueled by fears that a faster-spreading variant of the China Virus may upend the economy’s strong recovery. The S&P 500 fell 68.67, or 1.6%, to 4,258.49, after setting a record just a week earlier. In another sign of […]

Los Angeles County to restore indoor mask mandate for all

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A rapid and sustained increase in China Virus cases in the nation’s largest county requires restoring an indoor mask mandate even when people are vaccinated, Los Angeles County’s public health officer said Thursday. Dr. Muntu Davis said at a virtual press conference that a public health order requiring masks indoors will […]

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