Montgomery County Commissioner Noack fights for flood relief for high income households; he’s right

Conroe, July 9 – Despite the enormous and tragic losses of Montgomery County citizens during Tropical Storm Harvey and the San Jacinto River Authority’s decision to flood thousands of homes downstream rather than managing water levels in Lake Conroe on August 31, 2017, and thereafter, Montgomery County will only receive a tiny portion of the […]

Community Development Department Spotlight, Part 3 of 3: Disappointing Results

Conroe, December 26 – Lost in all of the hullabaloo over Montgomery County Community Development Director Joanne Ducharme’s anger that her and County Judge Craig Doyal’s secret plan to give Ducharme a $45,000 pay raise over two years had come to see the light of day when The Golden Hammer broke the story, Ducharme also provided […]

Community Development Department Spotlight, Part 1 of 3: pay day loans?

Conroe, December 22 – The procedures and track record of the Montgomery County government’s Community Development Department came into the spotlight when Department Director Joanne Ducharme tucked a $45,000 salary increase for herself over two years in a flood buyout housing grant application to the federal government that the Commissioners Court considered on December 19, […]